The team of RockPaperScissors is showing us how a great interview can look like. They are presenting the work of the fashion designer Victoria Kyriakides and they remind us that good content can be found everywhere. Luxury brands have many and different opportunities to lead the way. And here is the example.

Victoria Kyriakides Interview at Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

Victoria KyriaKides

Victoria KyriaKides has been creating haute couture collections since the early 2000s using her individual “sur mesure” authentic French technique. Every dress is created by hand in the master atelier to the precise measurements of each individual bride.  Every thoughtful detail is meticulously regarded.  An international trendsetter, Victoria is a favorite in Europe among her discerning clientele.

Victoria is able to reveal the beauty of the female body through her distinguished body-conscious feminine cuts, minimalism, the use of the highest quality materials available and timeless ideas.  Exceptional service and individual attention to each client by the designer are part of the brand’s essence and of utmost importance.

Victoria Kyriakides’ (VKK’s) master atelier is located in Athens, Greece, and an additional showroom is located in New York.  She presents her collections twice a year in New York.​​​​​​​​​​ Her Collections are available in numerous exclusive boutiques around the USA, Europe and Asia.

Victoria Kyriakides Interview at Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

What made you want to start making wedding dresses?

My vision was to bring a fashion aesthetic with red carpet glamour to traditional bridal wear. I wanted to see women in clean-cut designs, rearrange traditional bridal forms, and design wedding dresses with the most luxurious fabrics available and edgy details.

Victoria Kyriakides Interview at Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

What’s the most significant moment of your career?

There are so many great things that have happened which make me feel so grateful. Recognition from major international publications and media platforms, establishing my NYC showroom, the collaboration with Saks 5th Avenue NYC and Beverly Hills, among other collaborations with top boutiques internationally. I am enjoying every moment of this journey!

Where do you find inspiration to design your bridal collections?

It just comes with a tune, with a glance, with a feeling.

Victoria Kyriakides Interview at Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

What are the latest wedding trends which you find amazing?

I just presented my SS 2020 Collection at the NYBW this April with a range fashion statement. The dresses distinguish themselves with the intricate handwork that goes into each piece. Sheer lightness,  embroidery and appliqués, Victorian sleeves and yes — sparkle, party mini dresses under skirts.

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