If only closure was always easy like a sea breeze. I remember waiting to have a proper closure after a breakup in my early 20s, which of course never happen. All I wanted, was a coffee and a sincere conversation about our choices that brought us to the end.

To be fair, I didn’t put a lot of effort to make it happen and 4 years later I lost this option forever. This person had a car accident and he wasn’t reachable anymore. That changed me completely.

It was a hard lesson that taught me to pay attention and always share my thoughts and feelings in the present moment. After that, my mindset was wired to never leave hidden strings waiting in the dark to find an end. After that life-changing event, my relationships (both personal & professional) became better and deeper.

The Art of Closure

Communication & Connection

Honesty and the willingness to communicate opened a new world in front of my eyes. It took a tragedy to find a deeper meaning in relationships. This sad incident helped me to understand that only when we open ourselves to the world, the world is embracing us. That’s the foundation of connection.

Blogging is an activity based on communication and our human need to connect. And as with everything in real life, there is a certain way to do it and feel comfortable.

Human interaction demands to be direct, pleasant, and able to leave some room for healthy disagreements. Bust mostly to be polite and show respect to other people. After all, good manners never harmed anyone. We all need some reasonable instructions to handle reality, right?

The Art of Closure

Goodbye Moments

I really appreciate people that have mastered their goodbye moments. Let’s say for example, that you are having a cup of coffee with your best friend and at the end, you kissed goodbye and hug each other. Would you rather prefer, before you mutually agree to finish your friendly meeting, to get up and run away from you? I don’t think so…

Creating blog posts is like having a conversation with friends. There is a topic, different opinions, starting point, the main idea of the conversation, and closure. Simple as that!

When we end up something with the best terms then we add positive vibes to the communication circle. These vibes leave behind a feeling of acceptance and recognition. We need this to connect and reconnect whenever we meet again. The same thing happens also in the digital world.

Closures are Pauses

Goodbyes are small doses of separation. The anxiety of separation could become a major make-you or break-you factor in life. The more intense the separation the deeper the anxiety gets. Whether dealing with the death of a relationship or facing the end of a business agreement, a type of grief is knocking on our door. Uninvited but so real.

Wise creators never disturb the monster of grief in the unconscious of their readers.

Create the best possible content but be smooth at your final lines. Walk with your readers up to the last line of your content and show them that is ok to move on to the next page.

As people are coming back to your blog they are getting familiar with your style and gradually they tend to feel close to you. So treat them like an excellent host and give them a pleasant exit queue.

The Art of Closure

My personal opinion

I spend 4-6 hours everyday reading or creating new content. To be honest, I am fed up with old school closure practices, where the reader is pushed to download something or subscribe somewhere. I prefer to read good blog posts and learn something new. I give my time and attention, so I want to receive knowledge. Only.

How do you feel about that?

I would love to read your thoughts about this. Digital communication changes every day but our humanity remains the same. What is your opinion?

The Art of Closure

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