This is how WordCamp Europe 2019 is reducing waste in the the upcoming #WCEU. Earlier this year, the Organising Team from WordCamp Europe and Berlin-based society Zero Waste e.V. started a collaboration and set a goal to reduce waste at WCEU.

WCEU identified ways to achieve this goal: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

  1. Reduce: Minimise waste upstream by not producing waste in the first place.
  2. Reuse: Whenever possible, reuse materials and include recycled materials.
  3. Recycle: Handle waste downstream by leading it back into the cycle.

Support from #WCEU venues

The main venue, the Estrel, has partnered with WCEU to deliver the goals by keeping trash to a minimum and recycling any waste generated.

The Estrel abstains from using plastic packaging in their hotel rooms, reduces single-use packaging, and separates its kitchen waste. The venue has also committed to providing no single-use containers for any lunch or coffee breaks during WCEU.

Similarly, the venue for the Social, an invite-only gathering for Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors, and Media Partners on Thursday 20 June 2019, has pledged to use no single-use plastic containers or plastic straws.

They have also implemented sustainable production in their kitchen and are taking part in a food-sharing initiative in Berlin to reduce food waste.


How you can help

Sustainability is not only the responsibility of our venues. Organisers, Sponsors, and Attendees can have a significant impact on keeping waste to a minimum at WCEU.



You can help with our sustainability efforts by separating any trash you produce into the designated bins.


WCEU has reduced single-use items and made sustainable choices in several places, such as gifts for Speakers and goodies for Attendees.


An essential topic for Organisers, Sponsors and Attendees alike is swag.

Conferences around the world often over-produce swag items and conference-goers willingly collect them, yet much of it is disposed of shortly after (or even during) a conference.

Organisers and Sponsors can make changes by producing as few environmentally-damaging giveaways as possible.

Attendees could employ the popular Marie Kondo technique, asking themselves if the goodies they collect “spark joy” before they take them home.

Charity Drop

With WCEU ambition to reduce waste, we are introducing a new feature at WCEU: Charity Drop! You can donate old WordCamp t-shirts that you no longer need and we will make sure they go to worthy causes. More information is coming soon.

Things to do before WordCamp Europe 2019 #WCEU


It’s easy to make sustainable travel choices in Berlin. The city has an excellent public transport system. Visit the Getting around Berlin page to learn more.

Small changes for #WCEU

We have the opportunity to make marginal gains by taking small steps to improve sustainability.

The WordPress community prides itself on powering one-third of the internet and it’s time that we pull together and create change.

Let’s start by reducing waste at WCEU 2019.

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