On the first day of March, we set a 30-Day Blogging Challenge and 100 people joined our group for daily writing. Today, it’s the 30th day of the challenge. Can you guess how many people reached the finish line?

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The Blogging Struggle is Real

Let’s take things from the beginning. As you remember this challenge started after a lecture in Paris.

In the first week of February, I was giving a lecture about SEO, blogging & content marketing, when the topic of blogging struggle was raised. In the auditorium, there were 90 young bloggers who were patient enough to attend the 4 hours of lecture. Among the many questions, one made quite an impact on the gathering. How to keep a blogger motivated to write one new piece of content every single day.

Creativity and discipline are the 2 significant must-haves skills. Then comes reality! So the big question is, how can a blogger actually keep up with the demands of everyday blogging?

My suggestion was based on my personal experience as a professional blogger. By setting up a detailed content calendar for a 30-day circle it’s easier to prepare your content creation process. If you break the big circle into smaller circles and adopt one general theme for each separate week, then it’s 100% doable. For example:

  • On the first day of the month: welcome the new month and gently give a hint of the new topic of the month: Blogging
  • Week A: Explain Blogging, types of blogging, history of blogging, platforms of blogging, tools of blogging, famous bloggers, and your personal story in blogging
  • Week B: How to, Guides, Calendar, Titles, What to avoid, SEO guidance, Social Media & Blogging
  • Week D: Presentation of top blogging events, Workshops, Promote your blog, Content Marketing & Blogging, Ethics of Blogging, Growth hacking tips for blogging,
  • Last 1 or 2 days of the month: Closure of the month with a personal story about this month’s achievement, or even a presentation of your monthly growth.

As you can see, it feels safe to walk on solid tracks when writing with a well-formed strategy of interest. Even if circumstances force you to change your topics, still you have a crystal clear area to stretch your creativity.

The Results of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge
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Blogging Strategy

Having this blogging strategy plan on hand, all students were eager to participate in this 30 Day Blogging Challenge. So, we committed to accept this blogging challenge starting on 1 March and ending on 31 March 2019. Free topics, without any specific theme, but with the obligation to publish the challenge process.

100 bloggers were in the starting line, ready to create 30 new pieces of content. Each blogger would publish his/hers 30 posts on their personal or business blog. On the last day of March, we would check each other and the “winners” would receive a shout-out in our blogs.

The Results of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge
Photo credits: Matthew Henry

What actually happened?

1 March 2019

100 people joined our 30 Day Blogging Challenge

The enthusiasm was electrifying the auditorium. Hundreds of ideas were flying into the room and everyone was encouraging everyone. The funny thing was that no one open an umbrella to hold the rain of ideas. All notebooks stay blank. That morning I heard some of the best topics of my life. Of course, I opened my notebook and wrote down as many as I could, tagging the name of the creators.

First week

7 March: 22 people drop out

The first 22 bloggers/students drop out in the middle of the first week. In their comments, they all wrote that it was extremely stressful to keep up with daily blogging and had no new ideas to use.

  • Experience with blogging: above average (2-3 years)
  • Age: 20-25
  • Gender: Female

Keep in mind, that these 22 bloggers were the top voices on the first day of the challenge. In my notebook, their names were the ones with the best 15-20 ideas in the room.

Rule no 1: Keep notes of your ideas!

Second week

14 March: 35 drop out

Well, that was unexpected. Usually, we have so many dropouts at the end of the third week. But, once again, statistics are not unmistakable. On 14 March, only 43 people were still in the Blogging Challenge. Their excuse was valid. Daily blogging is not cut out for new bloggers. You don’t believe me? Then read here why some people shouldn’t blog.

  • Experience with blogging: newbies (3-10 months)
  • Age: 20-25
  • Gender: Female

Rule no 2: Know your limits!

Third week

21 March: 21 drop out

The third week in this kind of challenge is called: disaster week. On the same Tuesday of that week, 21 people mysteriously were under the weather and withdraw their names from their blogging commitment. But I had the pleasure to admire their trip to Cancun through their Instagram photos.

  • Experience with blogging: average (1-2 years)
  • Age: 20-25
  • Gender: Female + Male

Rule no 3: Be honest!

Fourth Week

28 March: 18 drop out

As expected, 97% dropped out of the daily blogging challenge. I am so sorry to announce that because two of the people were excellent blogging talents, despite the fact that they were mature newbies.

  • Experience with blogging: elementary (1 year)
  • Age: 20-25
  • Gender: Female

Rule no 4: Stay focus!

The Results of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge
Photo credits: Matthew Henry

Blogging Challenge Last Day

Unfortunately, 98% drop out of the daily blogging challenge!

31 March was the last day of our blogging challenge. To our surprise, only 2 people reached the finish line… Me and the outsider of the group.

  • Experience with blogging: advanced (5+ years)
  • Age: 40+
  • Gender: Female

Rule no 5: Persistence pays off!

The results of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge confirmed that only 2% is cut out for a blogger life.

The Growth Results of Daily Blogging

This experiment proved one more time that content is king. Check out our blog’s growth after a month of daily blogging.

Growth Results of Daily Blogging
Growth Results of Daily Blogging

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