Imagine that you are at the beach, drinking a cold beer, having your laptop next to you and writing blog posts while your partner is smiling with happiness. Amazing feeling, right?

But in real life, this is not happening! Blogging is a full time job and your loved ones will never really accept it. Get used of a life full of complaints and deadlines that keep you up at night. Not everyone is cut out for a blogger life!

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Blog

Blogging DNA

Do you have it? Do you see yourself as a self motivated person? Can you stand the discipline? Can you follow a plan like a soldier? Can you deliver even if you are having the worst day of your life? For me… is yes! What about you?

Blogging is a way of living. It can actually change your life in ways beyond imagination. If you are driven by creativity and passion then blogging can become a higher mission in life. I started blogging in the 1990’s and share stories about my work and experiences without looking for money and status out of it.

As years past by, the blogging process changed and in the same time it changed me, too. From the first year of my blogging career, amazing things have happened. I had the pleasure to meet remarkable people, make friends and built a life full of travelling experiences and awesome studies.

Also, I have received business offers, job opportunities and wonderful gifts. But the most important gift was the confidence that gradually blossomed within me. When I think back over the years, blogging was at the center of all the transformations that finally shaped my life.

Blogging was and still is my safe place of peace and acknowledgement that each voice deserves the right to be heard.

The benefits of blogging are easy to gain, but not for every wanna-be blogger out there. Not all people are cut out for a blogger’s life.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Blog

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog

Blogging needs and takes the best of you. Every day. Every night. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t blog:

  1. If you want to save your stamina and energy for other things and blogging isn’t your number one priority, then don’t wear the blogger’s hat. Building a blog takes an incredible amount of work and patience.
  2. In case you feel depressed only in the idea of spending 3-4 hours per day for blogging, then please don’t. It’s not for you!
  3. If you seek easy money and the shortcut to riches then you are in the wrong path.
  4. Blogging requires your creativity attention. It needs hours of creating new content, reading resources, editing your work, attending workshops, responding in comments & emails, spreading your words in social media and finally optimizing your older posts.
  5. Blogs are not the place to toot your own horn. You write to please and educate your target audience. If you don’t like to write for other people then stop blogging right now. Blogging isn’t an extension of your egoism but an activity of communication with other people.
  6. If you hate blogging ecosystem and you are avoiding the blogger tribe, then why bother to start a blog?

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