Social Media can support your blog’s growth in several ways. It’s important to implement social sharing buttons on your blog from day one.

During the first week of your blog start a branded Facebook page for your blog. This will provide extended exposure to new audience and will bring back visits to your blog posts. My Facebook page helped my blog to gain more followers.

Make sure that you share your content, at least, twice a week. If you can afford it, try to boost some of your posts. With only €5-10 you can promote your posts and attract the attention of new audience and followers. Encourage your readers to share your content by adding a Facebook “like” or “share” button.

Instagram is the next step. So, grab your mobile phone and search for the Instagram App in order to download it and then start your account there. At the bio you can add a short presentation of your interests or your skills and your domain of your website or blog.

Post 3-4 times per week appealing photos with interesting text, revealing the way you see life or presenting short parts of your blog posts. Get an idea from here:

Use Social Media Channels

Would be perfect if you could be more social and use Pinterest, as well. It’s another digital world, full of interesting boards for many subjects. Bloggers love it, as it brings a lot of traffic to their digital assets. And almost everyone is using Pinterest to find inspiration, trends, tips, fashion etc. You can get a taste here:

Last but not least, get into Twitter and start sharing your posts there, too. With short and catchy headlines make people click on your tweets and read the complete blog posts. See how I shared last day’s post:

In all social media channels we use relative hashtags in order to stream our content inside specific lake of interests. If you write about #fashion then you should use all the proper hashtags around fashion.

Sharing consistency is equally important as in content creation. Find the best social media schedule that best work for you and stick to it. If time is an issue, then try Buffer as a social media sharing management tool.

Try Guest Blogging

Have you ever tried guest blogging? It’s all about creating content for a blog that doesn’t belong to you. Guest blogging is a brilliant strategy for making your writing skills popular. This activity provides rich opportunities of large scale exposure to the public and brings back great amount of traffic for both involved parties, yours and the hosted blog.

When blogging becomes a daily occupation and you wish to make it a profitable one, then guest blogging is the best next step. You can boost your work, establish your personal brand (as an authority in your market) and build a strong business networking circle for future partnerships. Continue reading…


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