We understand your concern about the Novel Coronavirus issue. This announcement will provide up to date information from the #WCASIA organizing team.

Last updated on 6 February 2020

Status: The Organizing Team is continuing WordCamp Asia as planned.

Postponement Criteria

To ensure transparency on their part, the organizing team would like to share the criteria that they will be using in their decision on whether to postpone WordCamp Asia 2020 to a later date.

If ANY of the following occur, they will strongly consider postponing WordCamp Asia 2020:

  • International travel restrictions are imposed that significantly affect a large proportion of attendees.
  • They are requested to postpone the event by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.
  • The Thai government places relevant restrictions on public spaces or events in Bangkok.

Latest Updates

6 February 2020:

Preparations for WordCamp Asia are underway and they have no plans at this time to postpone the event.

They have discussed WordCamp Asia with the Thai Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization. The Director-General of the Thai Department of Disease Control has reviewed plans for the event and stated that he sees no reason at this time to postpone. He went on to suggest a set of precautions that the Organizing Team will be implementing and posting in detail soon.

4 February 2020:

At the moment, all of their preparations for WordCamp Asia are continuing as per normal. Attendees’ safety is their main priority and they have been working directly with Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health to ensure a safe event for all attendees.

27 January 2020:

As you may have seen on the news, a new strain of the respiratory virus was detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. There are 8 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Thailand. 3 of the infected are being treated and 5 have already recovered and gone home.

The Thailand government has not issued any travel warning and the US Department of State and UK Commonwealth Office have not issued any warning about Coronavirus outbreak when traveling to Thailand.

The organizing team is closely monitoring the situation and will do what they can to make sure that WordCamp Asia is safe for everyone.

They will make new updates and travel pre-cautions when they have new developments and more information. You may consult your local government on travel & health advisory.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact WCAsia here.

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