April had been a spectacular month for our blog. But May was a surprise for all the team. How could anyone believe that we would go beyond the positive growth of April? The website traffic growth hit a new record and all thanks to the following blogging topics.

As a team we have decided to provide valuable information and data about our monthly topics and traffic results. We want to be transparent and open to the public.

In the same time, the given information works like a textbook for fellow struggling bloggers that wish to improve their work. We hope that with this information you will find true support and inspiration.

Areti Vassou, Founder of IDEADECO

Ideadeco May Blogging Tips

May Topics

May’s topics were focused on Content Creation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO for Blogs, Workshops, Digital Copywriting, WordPress & WordCamps.

As you can imagine the topics defined which keywords and keyphrases we used throughout our content marketing strategy.

  1. My WordPress Success Story
  2. What’s New From Pinterest
  3. FAQ About WordPress
  4. Facebook F8 Conference Highlights
  5. Instagram News
  6. WordPress Changed My Life
  7. What Makes a Good Presentation
  8. Monika Kritikou Interview
  9. How to Hire a Photographer for your Blog
  10. How do you recharge your energy?
  11. Characteristics of Professionalism
  12. 7 Ideas for Outstanding Instagram Content
  13. Ask Me Anything Session #AMA
  14. Instagram announced a new account for shops
  15. WordPress for Kids at #WCEU
  16. List of Instagram Banned Hashtags [Updated 2019]
  17. Ideadeco May Blogging Topics
  18. How to Boost your Newsletter and Attract More Subscribers
  19. Be the Expert in your Field
  20. The Art of Unselfish Storytelling
  21. Things to do before WordCamp Europe 2019 #WCEU
Ideadeco May Blogging Topics

May 2019 Website Traffic

The growth of our blog hit a new record… Here are the numbers:

[Pending until the end of the month]


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