Having an active blog for several years will bring you to this awkward position where you would prefer to skip. How to recycle your old content and bring it back to life?

Due to my job I have to create 5 – 15 new posts per day for several blogs. Content creators are soldiers of words. They work with a very strict schedule every single day. But some days are not that productive like others. Recycle your content can save the day and boost your blog’s traffic. Let’s see how we can put in action a clever recycle content marketing plan.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

1 – Add a New Perspective

Visit older posts and update the existing content to keep it fresh. When you meet topics that can generate a new perspective then create a new blog post as a part II and linked it to the first one.

Create an Infographic or a Guide PDF and add the given information a remake. This will provide you the opportunity to use both in other related posts and drive new visits through linking.

Use older topics as podcast’s material and create a series of discussions on the subject. Personally I prefer videos and interviews. Use what you already have as a starting point for an interesting interview and publish the new content.

Write new comparison posts such as: Video Marketing VS PodCasting Marketing. You can use the content from your older posts but with a different approach.

Ask fellow bloggers to add their point of view in the form of: 10 Bloggers Share Their Top …. Look in groups for bloggers that would be interested to write a copy of 350 words with their opinion on a specific topic. Then use their contribution (with proper credits) and your content to create a new blog post.


2 – How to Posts

You won’t believe the traffic that is generated from How To blog posts. Use your content to create a library of this kind of posts and you will amazed by the results. For example: How To Recycle Your Content… Everything you are reading in this post is already published in 10 different blog posts in 2018. Recycle is a major part of Content Marketing.

3 – Create Social Media Posts

Take hot topics from your content and create new native social media posts in the form of Facebook Notes, LinkedIn Articles, Medium Articles, Quora Answers & Blogs and digital magazine articles as guest writer.

Also use parts of your content as comment material into social media platforms. Especially in LinkedIn where you may need more elaborated answers if you want to be active.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

4 – Host a Meetup or a Workshop

I write countless posts about content creation, blogging and SEO every year. Hosting meetups and workshops with the published content came as a natural next step. Teach others how to master the game of SEO, is on my favorite activities. The workshops usually need a book, so ebooks can me made with the existing content.

Besides that, interaction with people who are trying to advance their marketing strategy can produce amazing new topics. Have a look how the 30 Day Blogging Challenge started. One lecture was the inspiration for one blog post and a challenge. That particular post was the stepping stone for 15 more new ones. And 2 new contracts for blogging collaboration.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

5 – Embrace Reviews

Write reviews for products, services, brands, locations, books, cd, music, events, restaurants, hotels … and for just about anything. Write mature and well structured reviews and when is possible use a line or two from your published content. Remember to use as username the same name & email you are using in your blog’s gravatar. It boosts traffic like rocket fuel.

Google Local Guides is the best medium to put your mark on the map. Also Google reviews are an excellent way to boost your recognizability.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

6 – Case Studies

Run a project and share the growth of the project with your audience. Be transparent and give only valuable information to your readers. Most of the times failure stories are more interesting than success stories. Don’t be afraid to tell how you screw things up in a project.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

7 – Create FAQs

You already have the content, right? Now write the right answers and use the existing content into a Frequently Asked Questions page. When is necessary add the appropriate links to older posts.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

8 – Send Newsletters

With your published posts you have an endless bank of interesting Newsletter topics. Is one of the easiest ways to recycle your content.

8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content

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