Digital Nomads travel a lot. As a matter of fact, they treat traveling as a process of their working life. In the 2018, my suitcase and me traveled for 132 days. My professional duties kept me away from home for 10 -12 days per month.

Being in this digital nomad traveling lifestyle for more than 20 years has given me a new perspective about what truly matters while you are constantly on the go. For starters, traveling as a concept is overrated! Always put your personal comfort at the top of your list. And travel only if you really want it.

When you are into transportation half your life you learn to evaluate your safety and comfort more than everything else. If you have to choose between flights never sacrifice your safety in order to save some money. Pick the top company and the best seat, if you want to enjoy a good night sleep while traveling.

It can be challenging to stay healthy while traveling for business as often as people like me do. You have to deal with so many different challenges like deprivation of sleep, adjusting to a new time zone, managing a demanding schedule, eating low quality meals out, staying hydrated, keep your heart healthy, staying mentally balanced, finding a secure wifi and charging your laptop. Here are some clever tips to make your digital nomad life easier:

Digital Nomad Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Stay Healthy While Traveling

On The Plane

Book the best possible seat and try to have some sleep during flight time. I prefer late night flights because they are less crowded and usually families with toddlers avoid them.

The best place to sit on a plane are the exit rows, aisle or in short trips the window seats. In general the seats close to the front are typically considered the best seats on a plane. The seats in the exit rows offer you the opportunity to get up as you wish and stretch your legs without asking permission from anyone.

On a short business trip, you might want an aisle seat near the front of the plane so you can debark as quickly as possible on arrival.

In all cases, always be extremely polite with airhostes and never bother them unless it’s absolutely necessary. They tend to respond warmer to passengers that respect their work. Smile more and don’t ring the bell if it’s not important. For health issues inform the staff on the plane after they have finished with all the passenger’s seat guidance.

Stay hydrated

Don’t drink wine, bear, coffee or tea. Drink only water. During flights is the best choice. Also avoid all the above in meetings. Have a coffee when you are into a cafe but don’t risk your outfit for one more coffee…

A pro tip: absolutely never add ice cubes in your water because they are never clean. You don’t want to know what can cause to your stomach.

Carry your own medium size bottle of water when you are attending all day conferences or professional workshops. And don’t even think to drink water from the glasses on the top of the reception if they are not covered with safety paper cups.

Healthy Food

Avoid hotel menu unless you are staying into a 5 star hotel that has a variety of cooked and fresh meals. Treat your body with care and feed yourself with only the best possible food. Try to pack some healthy snacks to have them handy between meetings.

Find nearby restaurants that locals trust them and check their suggestions at the official websites. Ask the taxi driver or the person who cleans your room where you can have a grandma’s meal. In my humble opinion locals know better.

Pro tip: The hairdressers of the world are like talking Google search machines. They know everything! Where to eat, where to drink, where to buy clothes or shoes, who to avoid and when to visit your favorite museum.

On the plane eat only meals that won’t send you to the private room. If you have any kind of allergies then be extra careful and carry your own food. If you are traveling by train or boat then your meals may have more options. Choose the safest, not the yummy one!

Digital Nomad Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Move a Leg

Walk, dance, stretch, take the stairs, swim, go to the gym… move a leg if you want to keep your heart healthy. Book a private tour professional and walk the city streets. You will get to know the city and exercise outdoors.

Pro tip: Check with your hotel, as they may have some athletic programs or facilities to use.

Digital Nomad Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Sleep More

Do your very best to sleep more and deep. Getting enough sleep is imperative to performing well while you are working away from your home. Give your body the chance to find its balance and sleep even in day time. I prefer to had some extra free days at the beginning of a new trip, so I can adjust to the new time zone. Books, music and meditation have been my personal remedies.

Digital Nomad Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Some Extra Tips

Make friends in the cities you are visiting. This will help you enjoy your stay every time you are returning to that city. Making an effort to add joy in your routine will become a natural reflect after some time of practice. Friends are a blessing!

Keep a journal with your intimate thoughts on real paper. Write down how you feel, your experiences and your secrets. Let yourself free to unwire from all the noise. Try it and you won’t believe how relaxing it is!

When you have free time learn local recipes, explore the city and learn the basics in the local language. Visit the museums and local art events. People love to meet new visitors that show interest to learn their culture.

Pro tip: When traveling have an emergency printed card with all the important details about your health, any medication and emergency contacts, on your wallet.

Do you have any tips of your own to share? Tell us how you stay healthy while traveling.

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