Digital nomads move from country to country like birds and live adventurous life. They are people who use telecommunications and digital technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their lives in a nomadic manner.

In the last 5 years, more and more people are working remotely than ever before. Also, we see many individuals move around the world in order to work in companies for a short period of time.

With the help of technology, such as project management projects have become a new trend in professional careers. The need for experts in specific digital fields keeps growing every year. In other words, we have officially entered the era of digital nomads.

Digital Nomads in Real Life

Digital Nomad Life

Working as a digital nomad provides many benefits. Firstly you have the ability to travel more often and stay longer in faraway places. That gives the opportunity to meet new cultures and bond with people with completely different backgrounds.

Digital nomad working life although it can be challenging is also liberating. They are free to choose how and when they work. There is no actual “show your face” office time. They choose their working hours. This allows them to channel their work through their adventures and experiences. And that builds a sense of freedom.

Digital Nomads in Real Life

Is it a Dream Job?

To be honest it sounds like a dream job. But is it really? As with everything in life, there are two sides to the coin. Being a digital nomad is a wonderful experience under certain circumstances.

If you are a parent then this kind of lifestyle could make your family & kids miserable. Kids need their nest and their daily routine. It’s selfish to drag your kids all over the world and change residence two or three times a year. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s sure that you are missing important family events.

If you are into a serious relationship, traveling all year long could be the reason to create negative vibes with your better half… after all being in love requires being present.

Freedom in working hours means that the telephone can ring at 02:00 am for a meeting. Free and available 24/7 means just that. You may spend countless hours meeting a deadline while you on the road looking for a strong internet connection.

Digital Nomads in Real Life

Digital nomads have to face the struggle of not knowing if they will find a new contract for the next months. They live under uncertainty and can not plan ahead. If they want to plan for buying a house, they will face hard obstacles on the way. Starting with their main home address or their last occupation.

Life has its ups and downs. When you are on the road and a health issue appears, a digital nomad may have serious difficulties in finding proper healthcare support. Not to mention that health insurance is not always included in contracts. Also, sometimes becomes hard to keep the cash flow coming, because it is not always easy to maintain a continuous flow of work.

Therefore it is wise to connect with local digital nomad communities before you move to your next destination. See here for digital nomad communities in Greece.

Are you a Digital Nomad?

Are you a Digital Nomad?

Do you want to add something? What kind of challenges are you facing as a digital nomad? How about the happy moments? Do you want to share your experience with us? Then send us a message here:

Digital Nomads in Real Life

A Tip for Digital Nomads

Being on the road can provide excellent stories for a personal blog. You could run your own personal journal blog while you are living the dream of continuous traveling.

You could also share your experience with the next digital nomads. What kind of issues do you have to deal with in a new country? What are your impressions of the locals? How do you spend your free time? Real-life moments from a real person.

Why don’t you give it a try? is an excellent choice for people on the go that wish to spend a reasonable amount of money and stay connected. With less than 100 dollars per year, you can have the best blog ever!

True Story: A Digital Nomad in Greece

Viktorija Ignataviciute: Not big in posts, but this time it’s ok!

Leaving my beloved city of Krakow (really, I’ll keep repeating to everyone I meet, visit it, this place is a treasure!), great places, a job I had for over 2 years and especially all these special people there was not an easy decision.

Even if I miss it a lot, for its own reasons (as well as other cities I lived in and, of course, my hometown Vilnius), I don’t regret it. It may sound banal, but it’s indeed the journey, this life that we have, and we all are there to follow our own ways we choose to spend it.

So here I am in Athens, with new challenges, a new job, and new special people. Areti Vassou is definitely one of those very significant persons in my life. She’s experienced, smart, professional, wise, kind, caring and most of all – inspiring. 🌹👭

I had such an honor to be a part of IdeaDeco blog which is her own very successful business! 🙆🍀 Read my interview here…

P.S. even got my first quotes image 😸 Almost Paulo Coelho, just a bit younger and prettier (which is all obviously temporary) ✌

Viktorija Ignataviciute Interview

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