We all want to tell a story that people will never forget. How is this possible? By connecting with other people through shared feelings and experiences. When we are brave enough to open our heart and share the deepest corners of our existence, a magical thing happens. We share a moment! So, if you want to stand out, you must bear the test of authenticity through real moments.

The secret is as simple as this: Forget marketing and focus on the storytelling process. Stop selling and start earning the trust of people.

Show up. Speak up. Make your voice loud and clear. Be present. Don’t seek appreciation or global acceptance. And above and beyond everything, stay true to your moral principles.

Great achievements happen only if we are willing to abandon our safe zone. This is an everlasting truth that applies even in digital marketing, content creation and blogging. Brands that thrive and lead the market, never asked for the permission to break the rules of marketing. They just dared to make the next step!

The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation

The New Marketing Rule

The new marketing rule is that people appreciate the story more than any brand.

So many people, including me, are fed up with the aggressive marketing tactics that trying to manipulate our subconscious and make us choose certain lifestyle options.

The new generation of followers seek to find the Why & How behind each brand. If a brand fails to answer both then soon enough will lose its trustworthiness in the eyes of their existing and potential clients.

Therefore is not an exaggeration to stress out the importance of high EQ based Content Creation & Marketing Strategy. It’s the new way of communication. Nowadays Branding is based in the story, the value and the culture of a brand. The honeymoon era of social media and digital marketing is long gone. Users are looking for signals of dignity, trust, creativity and positive positioning in sensitive social, political and environmental topics.

Celebrities have already adopt the new concept of “humanitarian & thinking individual role” into their social media behavior. That’s the reason we see lately, more actions that benefit our planet or vulnerable communities from popular celebrities. They have shift their story from the “look at me” to “look at why & how” my existence improves life in general.

And that’s the key point of the new marketing era. Unselfish Storytelling.

The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation

Unselfish Storytelling

What is that? To tell a story for the pleasure of creativity or to bring joy and information to the listener. To make them feel better and safer. To remind them that good things are happening in life. Behind unselfish storytelling lies the intention to spread the beauty of an uplifting story.

You may gain nothing from that but your listeners are inspired. Or so it seems so… But let’s turn the table here!

Which people do you remember from your childhood? Those who always wanting something from you or those you enjoyed playing with them?

Personally, I still remember one of my older cousins and her amazing bedtime stories with friendly ghosts and monsters who wanted to learn music. Her stories made me look at the unknown with the best intentions. When I meet people that sound like her, or dress like her I tend to trust them much easier.

Now, let me ask you one more time… What do we gain from unselfish storytelling?

We gain the attention and trust of our listeners. And that is the most valuable currency in the world.

The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation

Content Creation Fundamentals

Stop treating content creation like a science experiment.

Let’s go back to basics. Content creation demands a line of story, a solid structure with clear beginning, a plot and an easy to understand closure that leads to the moral of the story. In other words, it needs all the essential principles of what Homer used to create his masterpieces: Iliad & Odyssey. 3000 years later we still can learn amazing techniques from Ancient Greece creators.

I know what you are going to say now… that is easier said than done. Is it, really? Here is my golden list that has helped me to create better stories:

  1. Choose a position. Think about the topic and pick the side you wish to enlighten more.
  2. Find a tone that makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Pick a captivating title.
  4. Think of your audience. Age, interests, culture, music preferences, language, financial status, education, personal and family background.
  5. Understand the reader’s perspective. Are they pro or con of your topic?
  6. Do deep research and find solid evidence to back up your story.
  7. Read and take notes.
  8. Present both sides of your story.
  9. Make room for the story to evolve beyond your control.
  10. Invite people to add more sides in your story.
  11. Dare to be different.
  12. Embrace disagreements and new ideas!
The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation

Add elements of authentic storytelling into your blogging strategy and you will find more reasons to smile! – Areti Vassou

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  1. you are right . unselfish storytelling may not pay the bills but it does add richness and positive energy back into the world. Your list is intriguing. Thank you

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