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The joy of life is in the details .. but we sometimes forget…until now. Capture now all the memories you want…it’s easy with My Social Book. Get it now and never forget those special times.


Print Your Social Memories

Experience your Social Universe in an exciting way. Not just about you but see post comments and likes from friends. Turn your Facebook timeline into a beautiful bound book.

Print My Social Book

Print My Social Book

Showcase Your Business in a Powerful Way

Show the activity and the engagement of your fans. Feature your fan Page in a book.


Get your My Social Book now!

Your Book will amaze your friends and provide tons of joyful moments reliving the memories.Create your book in just a few clicks and preview the first chapters before buying!

With the express delivery, your book is delivered in 5 days!



About My Social Book

Established in 2011, My Social Book is today’s global leader in Social Books. Our technology offers you the opportunity to own a book of your life in under 90 seconds.


Their Story

In 2010 the company’s founder Nicolas Cazagou invented the Social Book concept. His idea was to transform his greatest moments and milestones already recorded on his social networks into a permanent book. He identified that by printing his Facebook timeline, which already included his status updates, posts and photos in chronological order, he would in fact own an amazing book of his life.

He realized that this content, already time-stamped, along with the comments from his family and friends, would provide an amazing archive of his past. It detailed who he was, the places he had visited, and the people he was with. With this perfect coffee table piece he would revisit, share, and enjoy these memories in detail forever, and pass them down through generations.

Passionate in the creative arts, skilled in code writing, and committed to his dream of making the Social Book available to everyone, he embarked on a new journey.

He believed that every person had a unique life story to tell. He knew his goal was to help them save it into a permanent legacy in a fun, easy, cost effective way. Several years later the 1st ever Social Book launched.

Originally named Egobook and later renamed to My Social Book, the My Social Book team has been building beautifully bound books from social content ever since.



Today their customers enjoy My Social Books daily. Year on year they add another edition to their My Social Book Life’s Collection by creating their latest Year Book for themselves and their families.

To date, My Social Books are purchased from over 20 countries worldwide and are printed in 10 languages. They’re shipped across the full spectrum of time zones from some of the most credible, technologically advanced on-demand book production facilities around.

They pride their selves on product and service excellence as well as technology innovation to ensure their customers are always receiving the content and quality they deserve.


The Management Team

Nicolas Cazagou – Founder
Robin Burkeman – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
Michael Keinborg – Chief Technology Officer
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