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To all my friends of Art or Art Projects.
We are creating a backyard wall, in honor to Gaudi technique.
Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

Antoni Gaudi used mosaic tiles throughout Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

I am planning a new summer art project that involves Gaudi technique and will need a lot of tiles. In case you have one or two tiles that you don’t need and you are about to throw them away, instead send it over to us under the name Gaudi Backyard Summer Project.
Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

Yes, we are Gaudi lovers and we are trying to create an oasis of positive vibes inside our backyard. So please don’t throw away your tiles, be a fellow artist and a positive co-creator.

Unwanted Tiles

 If interested grab a hard envelope, put the unwanted tile inside, add a note with its story -if you feel like it- and send  it to us. I would love to know the story of each tile that will be part of my days for the rest of my life.

Where to send it?

Send your tile at: IDEADECO Areti Vassou, Kallirrois 24, Athens 18539, Greece

Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

Gaudi Backyard Summer Project

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