Guinness Experience – Dublin

Not far from the city centre, just 20 minutes walk, it is Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction. I am firstly struck by the slightly smell in the air and then the journey begins at the ground flour where you can purchase your tickets and you go through to the 7th floor where the Gravity bar is located.

Guinness Experience – Dublin

The experience continues through the floors which consists of various screens showing Ireland’s history, lots of information about brewing and beer sample on the 2nd floor. The history, walk back in time, the flash attractions and the Architecture of the building are pretty impressive.

Guinness Experience – Dublin

For me, the Guinness experience is not only about the well organised storehouse but also for the history behind it. Despite the fact I used to dislike the dark coloured beers I can honestly say that, after my visit, Guinness is definitely the king of all of them! The fact that is located in Ireland, which is one of my favourite European destinations, adds to the whole experience! Continue reading…


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