April had been a spectacular month for our blog. The website traffic growth hit a new record and all thanks to the following blogging topics. As a team we have decided to provide valuable information and data about our monthly topics and traffic results. We want to be transparent and open to the public.

In the same time, the given information works like a textbook for fellow struggling bloggers that wish to improve their work. We hope that with this information you will find true support and inspiration.

Areti Vassou, Founder of IDEADECO

Areti Vassou, Founder IDEADECO.CO
Areti Vassou, Founder of IDEADECO.CO

April Topics

April’s topics were focused on Content Creation, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Communication, Newsletters & Email Marketing, Micro-Blogging, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Advanced Blogging, SEO for Blogs, Workshops, Digital Copywriting and Content Calendar.

As you can imagine the topics define which keywords and keyphrases we used throughout our content marketing strategy.

  1. New Month, New Goals
  2. Do you want to tell us your story?
  3. Gain More Website Traffic by Publishing on Medium
  4. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers Business II
  5. Arsenis Paschopoulos Interview
  6. Influencers: Who they are and how can they help my business?
  7. The Future of Facebook Advertising Effectiveness
  8. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Open Source and Communities
  9. The Sweet Taste of Success
  10. Define your blog’s identity
  11. Viktorija Ignataviciute Interview
  12. The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation
  13. Digital Nomads in Real Life
  14. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Content and Branding
  15. WordPress Europe 2019 Topics
  16. In Blogging What Makes The Art of Closure Powerful?
  17. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Development I
  18. WordCamp Athens 2019 Speakers
  19. Bauhaus Movement: Five Lessons for Today’s Content Creators
  20. Learn to love SEO like Google
  21. WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops
  22. Ask the Right Questions
  23. Helena Chaviara Interview
  25. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Development II
  26. Improve your Website Speed
  27. WordCamp Europe
  28. The Future Of Facebook Advertising Effectiveness
  29. Communicate with your Blog Followers
  30. Recycle your Content
  31. 4 Healthy Habits for Digital Marketers
  32. WordCamp Athens
  33. Dare to ask feedback and become a better content creator
  34. The Future of Advertising
  35. Opinion: Does Digital Marketing Kill Communication?
  36. WordCamp Europe
  37. Book recommendation
  38. Philosophy Values That Can Make You a Better Digital Marketer
  39. Use Newsletters and Gain More Traffic to your Website
  40. WordCamp Europe
  41. Presentation of a new App
  42. Fix and Update Old Content
  43. Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile
  44. WordCamp Europe
  45. Should you Add Easter Celebrations Into Your Content Marketing?
  46. +
  47. +
  48. +
  49. +
  50. +
  51. +
  52. +
  53. +
  54. +
  55. +
  56. +
  57. +
  58. +
  59. +
  60. Did we reach The Goal, 60 New Blog Posts in a Month?
Social media marketing

April Website Traffic

Pending until the end of April.


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