As an act of support to all digital marketing professionals out there, today we will start a new column of interesting newsletters found into our mailbox. In other words we will shout out the best newsletters we received in the last 30 days.

It’s time we start acknowledge the Email Marketing best practices and support other agencies effort to stand out from the crowd. We are searching for great looking newsletters that actually have something useful to give us. We want to be educated. We want access to valuable information. We want knowledge.

May 2019 Best Newsletters

We have gathered the top three newsletters of the month. Feel free to disagree with us and please tell us what is your opinion on our selection.

Great Newsletters Found Into My Mailbox

Social Media Today

Social Media Today sends daily newsletters but all of them are a bank of golden information. You can actually learn what is happening in the field of digital marketing and social media world. Great and friendly design with respect for the reader’s time. We truly recommend them as a trustworthy source and a must-have newsletter subscription.

I was really impressed by their decision to not deliver a newsletter on Monday 27th May. Read their official message:


Social Media Today will not publish on Monday, May 27th, in observance of Memorial Day. Have a lovely weekend! We’ll be back in your inbox Tuesday morning and hope to see you at 12pm ET for the next Twitter chat. 

Emma Wiltshire
Community Manager, Social Media Today

Great Newsletters Found Into My Mailbox

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of my top choices. They deliver significant information about trendy topics regarding social media, search engines, SEO, digital marketing, conferences etc but unfortunately they overdo it with the sizes of their headlines and the visual noise they produce. It looks like they are screaming in front of my screen! Despite that, we truly recommend them as a trustworthy source and a must-have newsletter subscription.

Have a look at their content here:

How to Optimize Your Paid Search Keyword List in 3 Steps
Written by Amy Hebdon
When you optimize your keyword list, you’re also optimizing your offer, audience, and conversion rates. Here’s how to do it.

Tip: I love the section with the Job Openings at the end of their newsletter. Great idea!

Great Newsletters Found Into My Mailbox

Seth Godin

His newsletters are pure gold. He writes as if he really cares to have an interesting conversation with the person who opens his email. He respects the reader’s time and handles with care all his worlds. Seth Godin is a true master of communication. Follow his digital path and you will discover a new level of digital dignity and education.

Simplicity and great content. He is a poet. The best combination for top results. Have a look here:

The mob fears the truth

It’s not that they don’t know the truth (they might, if they stopped to think about it.)

It’s not that they want to know the truth, either. Information is available if they looked for it.

No, they fear the truth.

And being part of a mob is a good way to hide from that fear.

What’s your opinion?

We are fed up with the storm of newsletters that are selling or promising “The Perfect Deal” of any brand. If I want to buy something I will order it. Please, stop killing my time and attention with daily newsletters from companies that I have never signed up into their mailing lists.

Feel free to disagree with us and please tell us what is your opinion on this topic.

Have you seen our latest Newsletter?

Have you seen our latest Newsletter?

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