Landing page optimization comes with a certain line of tasks. Knowing how to optimize landing pages can make both Google and readers endorse your digital work. And by endorse we mean follow, share and support!

As you can imagine it’s not something that happens in one day. It takes time, effort and discipline. The secret is to focus on the data more than your passion for each single landing page. Provide valuable information, backed up with solid data and evidence for your statements. Of course, updating your landing pages from time to time is a must-do action.

In my case, solid data and well explained case studies can guide readers how to form their own personal actions regarding digital marketing, SEO, digital copywriting, blogging, content marketing and content creation.

With the help of data and examples, readers convert the given information into positive chain of changes for their digital assets. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge with the public. For what I have seen so far, for every tip of professional advice I have shared, ten new golden tips have returned back to me disguised in questions, comments, criticism and disagreements.

Today, we are going to break down how to optimize landing pages and transform them to hero pages!

The Big Business of Blogging

What is a Landing Page?

The official definition is:

A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page”, “static page”, or a “destination page”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result, marketing promotion, marketing email, or an online advertisement.

My personal definition is:

Every single page of a website or blog or eshop is a landing page and we should treat it accordingly. Even pictures, podcasts and videos are types of landing pages. Enrich every result related to your domain with all the entry doors to the circle of trust, between you and your readers/followers/clients.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Be Proactive With SEO

Before creating for your website a page or posts, answer the following questions and write down the answers, so you can actually see them:

  • Why do I create this page or post?
  • For whom is it for?
  • Which need does this cover?
  • From where do visitors come from?
  • What is the goal?
  • Is my content relevant?
  • Is it a hot topic among my target audience?
  • How can I make my page or post more relevant?
  • Do I provide valuable information?
  • Is it clear and easy to read?
  • Do visuals & photos support the content?
  • Do I back up my content with strong data?
  • Do I use the right keywords?
  • Have I add social sharing?

For example, If you want to be noticed among dancers then don’t enter the room of fishermen and expect from them to love your long form posts about dancing. For each page, target the right audience and enter the right room.

Learn to Love SEO like Google

Be the SEO Star in the Room

Compelling content works like magic and attracts the attention of the people. Great storytelling can apply in almost all types of websites and industries.

Have you ever been in a party and you have found yourself to admire some people with their outgoing energy? The souls of the party people? It comes that all stars have one element in common: confidence.

Bring your confidence into the room of the digital world. If you are feeling insecure and what you present sounds like a cry for approval, then it won’t help you to go too far.

Digital communication is based upon the main principles of selling. Own your work and show it to the people. Explain why this is the best option! Be open and polite, but also let your confidence spread your persuasiveness.

The Big Business of Blogging

Bounce Rates Are Important

Someone opens the door to your office and gives you a look for 3 seconds, then slam the door to your face and leave forever. This is how bounce rate could look like in real life!

If this happens more than 50% of your clients’ visits then there is something wrong with your office. In the case of your landing pages, lower bounce rate numbers indicates that visitors find your pages relevant and worth reading/exploring.

Use your Google Analytics Dashboard everyday. See which pages are having low bounce rates and apply their structure into the problematic landing pages. Check which topics attract more attention and what kind of content gets more social sharing. Invest in great quality of digital copywriting and you will rewarded with more visits that gradually will convert to clients.

Google takes notice to bounce rates more than you can imagine. If your website’s bounce rates are high and this keeps happening for a long time, then Google will put your website at the end of the line. In other words, your website’s ranking will drop.

Relevance and high-quality content are major cornerstones for landing page optimization.

Take into consideration that every page on your website has a different goal a goal depending on where your visitors are on the buyer’s journey. Never try to sell your services or products to visitors who just need a piece of information. Being too aggressive will kill all your efforts for a healthy digital communication. Some pages are meant to exist only for introducing your culture and values, while others are for selling.

Hear the needs of your visitors and adjust your landing pages accordingly!

SEO is an Advanced Chess Game

Learn to Love SEO

Knowing what is your mission makes it easier to understand what keywords to use in order to get the best results and high-quality traffic. You can even talk about a recipe for a cake in a more digital marketing frame if you have set from the beginning which keywords are the ones with the best impact for your digital assets.

Check. Optimize. Repeat. Be an optimization maniac just like me! We want our site and content to improve EVERY DAY! It is the safer and most professional way to manage your visibility online.

We want the love and attention of all Search Engine Machines that are constantly crawling texts + links + picture descriptions and deep data. Deep Keyword research can provide to our content the indication of relevant source to search machines. Continue reading…

Optimize Your Landing Pages and Improve Bounce Rates

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