Stay calm! Maybe you find blogging an extremely difficult task for your content marketing strategy. So many times I hear bloggers complaining about the pressure they feel. They find blogging overwhelming and frustrating. But it’s anything but.

The beginning is always a bit rough, for all of us! In a month or two, you will find yourself feeling more confident in creating a steady blogging flow. Bear in mind the following and keep writing.

  1. Write like a real human being.
  2. Have your own personal writing style.
  3. Write as you speak.
  4. Reach the heart of each topic through your angle.
  5. Be persistent.
  6. Back up your words with data and facts.
  7. Try to write long-form, actionable content and use catchy headlines.
  8. Provide clear solutions to your audience’s problems.
  9. Guide your readers step-by-step to solve the problem at hand.
  10. Screenshots of statistics & insights are great data material.
  11. Invite people to take action. But you must set the example.
  12. Create more engaging and rich content.
12 Truths To Reach Your Blogging Nirvana

Keep Blogging

Fame is good but devoted readers are better. So stick to your schedule and keep creating new content, day by day! Useful content never harmed anyone. Effective, quality blogging can take time, but is worth all of your energy! After all, blogging is a way of living.

Hey, don’t forget to use the basics of writing and SEO:

  • Easy-to-follow sentences and paragraphs are essential.
  • Headings types 1, 2, 3, and 4 exist for a season.
  • Heading 1 is for the main title and headline.
  • Heading 2 is for supporting your main title and keywords.
  • Heading 3 + 4 are the little brothers that repeat and support the main key phrases.
  • SEO needs all types of heading into a blog post.

Do you want to share with us, what were some of your blogging obstacles? How did you overcome them?

Rise to the Level of Your Blogging Expectations

Just because blogging is a strong trend doesn’t mean that daily engagement in creating new content is always the best choice for everyone. Before you commit to this task and way of living, you should ask yourself if this is right for you and your business.

Fashion-related website owners should adopt a daily frequency of publishing fresh content in their blogs and social media channels. The demands for new content are huge!

Not to mention that Beauty & Health, Travel, DIY, Magazines, Home & Decoration, and News industry are facing the pressure of posting multiple times per day. There is no human out there that can cope with the demands of a daily multi-posting schedule. Only teams can deal with this routine!

Rise to the Level of Your Blogging Expectations - Areti Vassou

Make your Closures Pretty

It would be impossible to write a blog post to the infinity. Before you reach the end of your blog post, help your readers & visitors to get ready for the end. Walk them to the exit door with grace and in a good manner. Share your personal opinion or provide more resources to read. Close your blog post with the best terms.

In some cases, while you are writing your conclusion, you may add a call to action. Use the final lines as an invitation to participate in the conversation. Ask your readers to share their point of view on the topic. Or better yet, seek more information through their experience.

Respect your readers
Respect your readers

One last word: Respect your readers

To be honest, I am fed up with old school closure practices, where the reader is pushed to download something or subscribe somewhere. I prefer to read good blog posts and learn something new. I give my time and attention, so I want to receive knowledge. Only.

Do you Have the Blogging DNA?

After reading all the above, I have to ask you if you have it in your bones. Blogging seems easy but has a way to filter who is cut for it.

Do you see yourself as a self-motivated person? Can you stand the discipline? Can you follow a plan like a soldier? Can you deliver even if you are having the worst day of your life? For me… is yes! What about you?

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