Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents.

The premium decoupled microphone offers crystal-clear recordings, perfect for accurate transcriptions. Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design, personalized wearing options and hygienic exchangeable cushions make the headset the perfect work companion in both hospitals and offices alike.

Studio-quality microphone

The professional microphone guarantees accurate speech recognition results and transcriptions, even in noisy environments. It is designed for easy dictation and speech recognition.

It has a decoupled microphone for crystal-clear recordings and a triple noise reduction filter. Its lossless wireless transmission allows the user to move away from the workstation and still record wirelessly in superior quality, compared to Bluetooth and DECT.

  • Lossless wireless transmission
  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • All-day battery life
  • Less interruption, more productivity
  • Ultimate comfort, maximum hygiene
  • Crystal-clear calls with Skype
  • Take full control


It is always ready to listen to your dictations! It has a 360-degree rotating boom arm and you can decide either you prefer to wear it on the left or right ear.

It has an easy to use exchangeable, magnetic ear, and head cushions. Philips pays attention to keep your ears healthy! Therefore it has an antimicrobial boom and remote control which inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow.

Reclaim control

Reclaim control over your availability by clearly signifying to colleagues whether you are “available” or “busy”.

We know how frustrating it is to get interrupted in the middle of an important digital dictation or call. Worry no more with the only professional dictation headset that automatically turns red when recording or in a call. It has a flexible click on/off magnetic mounting and you can change your status manually via the Docking Station.

Did we mention that the Docking Station provides wireless charging? In only 60 min charge you have 80% battery life to keep talking. After a full charge, Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has up to 12 hours of recording time.

Why I Love Philips Wireless Dictation

The modern ergonomic design of Philips wireless digital dictation ensures comfortable working, even after many hours of use.  If you share a device with other authors, you can each have your own personal cushions. Also, it’s perfect for bloggers who love coffee breaks. Isn’t that great? – Areti Vassou

Philips Wireless Dictation

Do you struggle to create your blog posts?

Who will oppose to the importance of having a blog section into a website? Blogs are a great way for businesses to drive traffic to their website. But to gain this traffic it would need to enrich a blog with superb posts.

Many will answer that they already have an active blog but haven’t see any benefits from it. I have heard several times, people complaints for their personal blogs, that I could write a book. Wait, I am actually writing a book about this!

Does it seems to you, like it takes for ages to attract people’s attention to your Blog? You believe that you are doing everything right, but still, you get next to zero followers and low sharing actions. Do you wanna know why?

Because successful blog posts have a certain structure and ingredients. Let’s go through them and shed some light on the mystery!

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