An SEO Expert is revealing the best SEO tips & practices for outstanding Press Releases. During the Press Releases Workshop at Spaces Theanous in Athens, Areti Vassou shared her SEO expertise with all the attendees.

Topic: SEO for Press Releases

  • SEO best practices for Press Releases.
  • How to write breathtaking Headlines
  • Where to add your own Press Releases Library?
  • How to share your Press Releases on social media.
  • Name the right way all your Files, Photos, and Videos.
  • Tips for extra online exposure.

Areti Vassou

Areti Vassou is the Digital Strategy Director of IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency. She started her career in digital marketing at Google and for the last 20 years, she is working with outstanding companies around the world.

Areti is the Founder of the Greek Online Content Creators Association. She loves to make ideas happen through SEO, Copywriting, Blogging, Branding, Social Media, and Email Marketing.

With her laptop and her Digital Nomad spirit, she has traveled to 191 countries, has published books, and participated as a Speaker in more than 500 Conferences all over the world. She is the mastermind behind Content Creators Coffee Meetup and Content Creators Workshops.


Press Releases Workshop

In five hours all attendees learned how to write outstanding Press Releases. The workshop took place at Spaces Theanous 15, Kerameikos, Athens, on Monday 9 May 2022.

Business owners and entrepreneurs mastered the art of Press Releases. Among the attendees we had:

  • Small business owners, who can’t afford to hire a PR Agency.
  • Fresh new startup founders with zero experience in Press Releases
  • Newbie journalists looking for that extra skill.
  • Event organizers looking for ways to gain more exposure.
  • Content Creators in need to share big news but haven’t any clue about Press Releases.

Why We Use Press Releases

Press Releases are one of the best tools for marketing your business. Even if you’re a small business, they can help boost your online presence and reach a new audience. Moreover, how you create and distribute your press release matters a lot, too.

While some people see them as nothing more than a hassle, to others (like me) they’re an extremely effective form of promotion that any content creator or blogger, or website owner can take advantage of.

Used correctly, a press release can land you first page rankings in Google for your target keyword, depending on how competitive it is. The thing about them is that if you want your press release to result in the best possible promotion, you need to produce a high-quality one and get it shared on lots of different websites. You also need to make sure that you don’t spam your target audience.

If you’ve never created a press release before, or are just looking for ways to improve yours, then this workshop is the perfect fit for you!


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