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Flying from London to New York for approximately 8 hours is quite challenging. But flying in an airplane full of Medical Doctors for 8 hours adds a whole new level of weirdness in travel conversations. Who can relax and enjoy a neverending flight when most of the talks have words like “open heart surgery” or “brain trauma” or “clinical data” or “terminal stage cancer”?… Medical Doctors belong to a tribe where words like “MRI” or “EMR” are so common as “sugar” or “milk” for the rest of the human race.


Doctors Talk

Believe it or not, Doctors love to talk and enjoy the company of their friends. They are also people with the same need for communication like everyone else on the planet. They also like to use social media and share their opinion on about every topic. But… here it comes… they are not familiar with the rules of the digital game.

So, when they play with social media, most of their posts could send a lot of us in the restroom with a stomach ache. Come on… who can watch an open belly with dozens of surgical equipment around? Or a knee surgery? …or brain surgery? Please, give us a break! When we are scrolling down on social media and medical posts appear with no warning, it can really ruin your day.

But Medical Doctors have no intention to make us feel uncomfortable. What is normal for a Doctor, could be flagged inappropriate for most people. So, social media and digital marketing for Healthcare Providers and Doctors, need a delicate and more sophisticated approach.

Some clever people out there created dedicated Digital Networking Worlds that let all Medical Professionals express freely and connect on their terms! Let’s have a look at the best digital networking destinations for Doctors.



More than 800.000 Medical Professional exchange knowledge and medical wisdom. SERMO accepts only verified doctors and healthcare providers. It is considered to be the top option for high-status doctors.




You will mingle with over a million U.S. healthcare professionals as verified members. Largest network of MDs and other healthcare professionals. Doximity is the Paradise for Doctors!

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors



The largest digital academic community – more than 300.000 members – for medical cases and discussions. Daily Rounds is the best place to share and find medical knowledge.

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors



QuantiaMD is a free mobile and online community and collaboration platform for physicians with more than 200,000 registered members who spend an average of 19 minutes per session collaborating on the site. Which is a significant time frame for the daily routine of an active Doctor!

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors



View and discuss real-world medical cases with healthcare professionals from every specialty in Figure 1. In other words, it is the small talk for Medical Doctors!

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors




MomMD is the largest and best site connecting women in medicine. Check out their forum, blogs, jobs, CME courses and articles. Join the community today!

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors



Here you can join your Exclusive Physicians Network. Connect and collaborate with reliable colleagues across the globe. Also, you can find and apply for international career opportunities in Hospitals, Practices and the Academia. Yes, indeed, you are Among Doctors!

Digital Networking for Medical Doctors


Mayo Clinic Social Media Network

Find guidance and top resources for medical-related social media content and strategy. Learn from the best!


The World of Nurses

Nurses and Doctors are part of the medical chain. You can’t have one without the other. Both play a crucial role in clinical treatments. It wouldn’t be fair to leave out digital networking media that are useful to nurses.

  • AllNurses:  is the #1 site for nurses and students. Become a member today and exchange industry and career-related information and advice.
  • NurseZone: all nurse related topics & news


For Medical Students

  • Incision: the best option if you want to improve your surgical skills
  • StudentDoctor: a Non-profit website that supports medical students


LinkedIn based Medical Groups

LinkedIn is the Top place to manage your professional identity. You can build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities. Today it has 500 million+ members.


LinkedIn Seminars for Doctors

LinkedIn Seminars for Doctors

➡️ Did you start using LinkedIn some years ago but you never saw any profitable results from this social media channel?

➡️ Do you find yourself wondering what to do with all the connections that you have collected up today?

This seminar is for you if you seek ways to improve your LinkedIn account.

✔️ You have plenty of invitations from colleagues or patients but you don’t really feel comfortable to accept because it seems like you won’t have something to share with them on LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of useful topics in the digital interaction that can boost your authority.

✔️ You hear from friends that they successfully increased their revenue and clientele through LinkedIn and you would like to find out their method.

✔️ You are interested in a new collaboration with a certain medical or research organization but you don’t know where to start and with whom & how to connect.

✔️ You want people in your country or from all over the world to find you between the top medical profiles.
You will learn how to accomplish all of the above!

Together we will set up your LinkedIn account or optimize it to reach your full potential. And you will start to use the best communication strategy within LinkedIn in order to be easily discovered.

For registration visit the website:
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The schedule:

🔜Stay tuned! More details are coming!


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