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GIVMED is the first network for utilizing medicines for the benefit of socially vulnerable groups. It connects medicine shortages of welfare institutions (social pharmacies, elderly houses, NGOs to medicine donations by individuals, pharmaceutical companies or other welfare institutions through the internet platform for mobile [ Android, iOS ] and computer (

Everyone can donate medicine. Whoever has leftover medicines, smartphone and computer with internet access can become a member of GIVMED network as long as s/he is over 18 years old.

GIVMED Share Medicine Share Life



In a nutshell, their goals are:

  1. All of our fellow humans to have access to the medicines they need.
  2. To utilize society’s leftover medicines appropriately to the benefit of socially vulnerable groups.
  3. To make sure that everybody knows what medicines they have when they expire and how they should manage them.
  4. To make sure that the society is appropriately informed concerning the management of household medicines (either leftover or not).

GIVMED Share Medicine Share Life


How can I donate my medicines?

GIVMED is approachable through a mobile and web app for smartphones. It is very easy to donate:

  1. Scanning the barcode or typing the 12-digit vertical password in the box you want to donate.
  2. Choosing whether you will hand in the medicine immediately or three months before it expires.
  3. Choosing how it will be delivered (if you will deliver it on your own or with the help of the beneficiary institution).
  4. Registering all medicines in order to create the personal online pharmacy, so that you know what medicines you have in your house at any time.


If you do not have a smartphone but you have leftover medicines. This is how you can donate:

The process is very simple! GIVMED now gives you the option to donate your medicines through your computer. Visit the website set up your account and start your first donation today.

GIVMED Share Medicine Share Life


What medicines can you donate?

All medicines, before their expiry date, regardless of whether they are open or closed and prescribed or not.

GIVMED cannot accept:

  • OPEN syrups, creams, inhalation medicines, drops
  • Medicines that need to be kept refrigerated.
  • Narcotics. (Eg. Psycho-pharmaceuticals or epilepsy medicines)

The reason they are exempted is due to the fact that the partner-institutions do not accept them (social pharmacies, NGOs).


Who can benefit from the medicines?

The medicines end up exclusively in beneficiary institutions that support socially vulnerable groups and employ pharmacists who can check the medicines. Such institutions are social pharmacies, NGOs, elderly houses, orphanages and any other institution that fulfills the prerequisites set by GIVMED.


Who checks the medicines?

The pharmacists of the beneficiary institutions (social pharmacies, NGOs) are responsible for checking the medicines. Medicine monitoring is NOT conducted by our network.


Can I bring my leftover medicines in your premises?

No, GIVMED is a network for medicines utilization and does not work as a gathering space for medicines. For the appropriate maintenance and direct transfer of the medicines to those in need, we suggest delivering the medicines directly to one of the partner institutions. Further information for the partner-institutions can be found in the map we created for you here.


More Info about GIVMED

GIVMED consists of a young team full of goals and dreams to help those in need. Do you want to learn more about their team? Check hereGIVMED is financed exclusively by donations from individuals, beneficiary institutions and the budget of companies of corporate social responsibility.

Like GIVMED page on Facebook and sign up for their newsletter so you can stay informed about their latest news.

GIVMED Share Medicine Share Life


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