Paraskevi Kourtidou is a woman full of creative energy and a restless spirit. She loves art, wedding planning, books, philosophy, fashion, music and traveling.

She has a degree in Philosophy and studied art history and theatrical arts in Paris where she lived for 6 years. Her studies made it clear to her that she had to concentrate her career path in humans and their happy moments.

She feels that our world is full of nice things and that her work as an event designer is to reveal them and transform them into great moments.

Since 2000, has worked as an event’s coordinator in several venues and restaurants and since 2008 she is involved in several event management projects. She loves interior design, Japanese architecture and savoir faire.

Since 2011 together with Helena Chaviara, they run, a kids parties events company called We can do it for kids only and create outstanding corporate events and weddings at Rock Paper Scissors Events.

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Interview Questions

My favorite social media network is Pinterest. I can find inspiration and great ideas! See my boards and what I love to pin in my Pinterest account.

For my business communication and promotion I spend 2-3 hours every day. Wedding planning services need social media interaction as almost as all businesses today.

Luxury event designer and destination wedding planner is my main occupation. But I try to develop my skills in different areas, because life is not only career goals.

Although I don’t see myself as a warm social media user, it amazes me how easily you can find everyone and connect with people on the other side of the planet. This immediate and available way of communication has changed our perception of reality.

People tend to forget their manners in social media. That is something that actually gets on my nerves!

Also, the speed and volume of everyday digital activities keep us on alert 24/7. Social media don’t permit us to take a break from ongoing actions like scrolling, chating, writing comments, reacting in posts etc.

As said before, this immediate and available way of communication has changed our perception of reality and how we do business. Nowadays we only one click away from a business meeting and clients can reach us through social media & our website.

I would love to learn more about the ways social media & digital marketing could improve the quality of our life. How to maintain a healthy attitude and make good use of digital marketing.

It seems that is common among brands and people to use social media erratically and quite aggressive. How can we bring social back to media?

In my opinion, musicians are the most influential people in social media. We here music and we connect our special moments with certain songs. So music industry is one of the strongest in social media influence. They experience no boundaries of religion, language, political or financial nature. Music has changed the world several times in history.

I learn something new almost everyday. Being connected multiplies the stimulation of knowledge!

Going to the gym is my favorite free time activity. When I am at the gym, my mobile is off.

The books that I love are:

  • “The elementary particles” Michel Houellebecq
  • “In search of lost time” Marcel Proust
  • “The sound and fury” William Faulkner

If I could meet my 16 years old self, I would advise my younger version to never give up!

My favorite quote is: “Strength does not have to be belligerent and loud” by Russell Brand.

I have the travel bug in my veins! Beauty and art drives my passion for life. I feel that our world is full of nice things and my work as an event designer & planner is to reveal them and transform them into great moments.

I have a degree in Philosophy and studied Art History and Theatrical Arts in Paris. From the beginning, my career path was focused on humans and their happy moments.

Since 2000, my main occupation was focused on events coordination in several venues and restaurants and since 2008 I started to involve in several event management projects. Since 2011 “Rock Paper Scissors Events” and “We Can Do It For Kids Only” had been my passion and business activity.

Strength does not have to be belligerent and loud

Bonus Question

It’s my turn to get into your shoes. Ask me anything you want.

Paraskevi asked me: What have you studied?

The first years of my studies found me at Interior Design & Architecture, although I was preparing for Medical School, finally design got the best of me. I started my education as Interior Designer, Graduated from TEI Athens, then followed a degree in Philosophy & Psychology at Southeastern University, later majored in Criminology & Behavior Analysis.

Graphic Design and Web Design Studies come in my life years after my continuous love for drawing and art. But my deep love for literature, digital technology and coding, drove my path to a new direction in 2000.

Then I started my company Ideadeco and dived into the world of Digital Marketing, SEO and Blogging. Since then, every year I invest in new educational programmes in my field. Never stop learning is a way to stay active and fresh.

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