What better way to celebrate our 22 years anniversary than looking back to all the significant milestones that brought us here. Last year, (2021) was a recovery year for most people and businesses in the world. But we believe that something good came out from this challenging time. We remembered what is more important in life. Health is the most valuable asset and we will never take it for granted, again.

My personal lesson had to do with control. Eventually, it’s not changes that change us but our willingness to trust that everything it’s going to be ok. Hope and kindness are the elements that shape us. And no matter how dark the cloud may look, in the end, there is always a sunny bright day, waiting for us to go on with our lives.

Each year has given us a lesson and a stone to build our path in life. Here are the business and personal words of wisdom we have collected through the years. Each line includes the lesson of the year.

  1. Find the courage in you to take the next step.
  2. Make your ideas happen with your own hands.
  3. Learn the rules of the game but then establish your own rules.
  4. Business opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be present, to show up.
  5. First you learn to deal with problems and then you learn to deal with success. Most of the time, success is the most difficult problem of all.
  6. Always do the right thing. Integrity is the most valuable asset you have in life.
  7. When you are wrong, own your mistakes. When you are right, keep your mouth shut.
  8. Success doesn’t like laziness and nagging. Get the work done, now!
  9. Never be too busy to notice what’s going on around you.
  10. Take good care of your health.
  11. You are responsible for your own happiness. Time is precious, use it wisely.
  12. Choose your team and treat them like family. They are truly your family!
  13. Take the risk you are most afraid of if you want to reach your goals.
  14. Speak less. Do more. Stay humble. Stick to your values.
  15. Always say thank you to the people who have supported you.
  16. The level of your enemies indicates the quality of your character. Appreciate your friends but value your enemies for your growth in life.
  17. Never follow advice because it sounds right. Always trust your instinct and intuition.
  18. Do things for your own reasons. Quit things for your own reasons. Never seek approval for your own decisions. If you don’t like the room, change rooms, not yourself.
  19. Above and beyond, the best prize is to have a purpose that gives meaning to life.
  20. Pick a job that it is really giving you the joy to feel that it’s a work worth doing.
  21. Everything worth doing in life takes time, effort, energy, and needs patience.
  22. We actually control nothing. The moment you start to feel comfortable knowing this, it’s the moment you gonna remember for the rest of your life. Feeling at peace in front of the vast uncertainties of the unknown is a sign that you are really free.

Ideadeco Team is thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments, the creative work, and the spectacular adventures over the 22 years of operation. New members have been added to our creative team. This year we celebrated our anniversary at a private party downtown Athens. We shared a glass of wine, great food and lots of laughter, and reflections on the twenty-two wonderful years of passion, dedication, and hard work. We can’t wait to discover what’s next. Cheers!!!

As we look ahead to the years to come, we remain dedicated to our values and our goals to meet the challenges of our business field with a warm smile. After all, whatever will be, will be! – Areti Vassou, CEO & Founder of Ideadeco.co

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