We are sharing wishes with our loved ones not because everything is perfect but especially because everything seems to be under a dark cloud. Put some effort to bring a drop of positive energy on the table and greet everyone (including yourself) with a huge smile and a joyful wish of a Happy New Year. Who knows, maybe if we all do this on the same day, we could finally meet this expectation one day.

Look deep inside and then look around you. Do you see the right reasons to smile and feel that you have made it and finally have met your own Santa Claus?

Have you ever thought to look at the mirror?

Have ever crossed your mind that you are your own Santa Claus?

Yes, that’s right. The kindness we all have in our hearts is the spirit that keeps this festive tradition alive for so many decades.

Holidays are meant to remind us just that. The gifts are the rewards for making the effort to show up and do the unexpected. To be attentive, thoughtful, kind, and generous.

Spread Joy, More Joy!

Happy New Year, Folks! Make your own definition of what Merry & Happy means for you. My season’s greetings are a bit out of the Christmassy heat of the days. Do whatever makes you happy, celebrate for your own reasons, and play the music that makes you dance. Burn the rules of what festivity should look like!

Take a piece of paper and write down your reasons for feeling Happy. I know it is not as easy as it sounds but just give it a try. Here is my list of 10 Reasons for Being Grateful in Life Worth Exploring.

In case you want to get into the mood for Happy Holidays vibes then have a look at these:

What did we do last year?

New Year’s Eve of 2021 was at the heart of the pandemic. And we were all lost in our thoughts and fear. This year we seem more balanced and ready to deal with this situation with a pinch of salt.

This was our Season’s Greetings: Hello 2021, Ideadeco Team welcomes you with a big smile! We are ready to rock the new year and celebrate life, again!

If you want to read our announcement here it is:

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