Celebrate Christmas with your beloved ones. Gather with your family or invite your friends over the house and have the time of your life. When there is love in the room, there is magic!

Be your own Santa

One of the perks of being an adult is that you can create your own magical moments, without asking for permission or approval from anyone. Do what you want, when you want and as you want it. After all, you pay the bills.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Plan ahead your happy moments

Ask your friends what day and time they prefer to have a Christmas “family-looking” gathering. Keep it casual and if they want to participate in the preparations, just say yes. It is always a good idea to cook with friends.

Build the right atmosphere with Christmas Carols, wine and plenty of forgotten stories from your younger years. Awkward and goofy reactions are the best companions near the fire. You can start the conversation with “Do you remember when K was in love this M and she didn’t even knew his name?”… and let the comments to rise the spirit.

I still find it amusing to play Snakes & Ladders or Dare with my friends. Especially if we have new faces on the table and we all need some time to break the ice. Also, me and my friends, we have created our own private traditions. Each year we exchange handmade presents, we try new recipes together and we donate something to a stranger.

You won’t believe how kindness in small actions can change the quality of life. The last 10 years I decorate small Christmas trees and donate them to elderly people near my house. For those who need extra help, I bring them home baking Christmas cookies.

By offering simple things and a warm smile, you’ll find that you can enjoy the season, lights, and Christmas traditions with all your heart.

There are never enough Christmas lights if you want to have a whimsical scenery for your Christmas celebrations. Add lights everywhere, combine them with plates full of cookies and candles.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Happy Digital Marketers

Happy and joyful people lead a happy professional life. And Digital Marketers are no exceptions. The truth is that digital marketing fellows have a certain mentality about life… you see we are not easily impressed by what is hot or trendy. We know how ephemeral all are!

By default, deep technological marketers like those who tend to focus in programming or deep code or SEO (like me), most of the times are private people. They love their family, they adore music and their friends but they value their privacy more than anything.

If they invite you to their nest, make sure that you are respecting one major rule. Their privacy. Don’t post anything into your social media accounts without asking their permission. Some people just wish to keep their life private!

In case you have received a notice that a photographer will be available to capture the Christmas celebrations, then – again – don’t pick up your mobile to take photos, unless there is a green light to post in social media in real time.

Nowadays, we are under “social media craziness” and we tend to forget our manners. So, when we are in a private friendly event, let’s be kind enough to leave our mobile or computer rest for some hours. After all, true connection happens without wifi. Enjoy real life!

Merry and Bright Christmas

Capture the Christmas Magic

This year we decided to try something different for our Christmas preparations. We hired a professional photographer and took official family photos. I was inspired by this blog post: Christmas Couples Photography in Greece by Fiorello Photography.

Santa hurry down the chimney, you are invited to this Christmas Photography Session! Ho Ho Ho to you, too… today we are in a festive mood.

Winter is perfect for astonishing Christmas Family Photography. Dare to have your own private photography near Christmas and make good use of the festive mood… You see, Holidays season has something poetic by definition. Maybe is the colors and the combination of different flower’s smells. The Winter scents, make me feel more nostalgic and more positive to romantic elopements far away from the city.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Winter Photography Season

Winter inspiration can be found anywhere in the city!  After all, the whole concept is to make an unforgettable photography experience regardless of the season. Indoor gatherings or better yet, Christmas feeling meetings are sparkling and spectacular. Dare to do a Christmas theme friendly photo shoot or event and you will never regret it. Who isn’t bright and merry during Christmas?

Enjoy Christmas with friends and family and stay offline as much as possible. Real life happens without wifi.

Now it’s your turn

Tell us what traditions do you share with your friends that give you this Christmas warm feeling?

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