A few days ago, this interesting question appeared into my inbox: Could you please share which are the top posts & keywords for blogging into your own blog?

In general, top posts are those that bring huge traffic into blogs. In my opinion, top posts should bring and potential new business contracts or/and leads. Therefore we can separate these posts from all the others. This is a strong indicator of what really works with your target audience. In other words, what real people prefer to read from you. Quite helpful to clear any doubts that blogging in an ongoing process of communication and development.

Let’s see which particular blog posts hit a record in visits and close the deal for new digital projects.

As you can see almost all top performing blog posts are related to one main category: Blogging.

Within 60 days they had 50.000 visits each and more than 600 people reach out for more information & questions. The good news is that 25 of them turn out to new business contracts. Not bad, right? And all these during COVID19 Lockdown.

Once again, real life proves that even under the most difficult circumstances, work and discipline pays off. Keep working, post daily, show up, be kind, be honest and do your best to provide useful information to your audience. And finally, the right audience will find you, trust you and will do business with you.

Remember to concentrate your work into specific pillars of interest. Mine is around SEO, Content Creation, Copywriting, Branding, Blogging and Marketing Strategy. Have you find yours?

Define what brings real people into your blog and listen what they say to you, through the statistics and analytics. If certain topics and queries keep being more visits and traffic, then consider to publish more about these queries.

That’s the essence of all SEO & Content Strategy: What brings people into your blog?

Are you sure that you know? Are you?

When you know then it’s easier to create content using all the right & traffic magnet keywords.

Top Posts and Keywords for Blogging
Top Posts and Keywords for Blogging

Top Keywords for Blogging

Here is a list of top keywords for blogging that brings tons of traffic to your blog. How I found the right keywords? I just did a research on Google, visited all top competitors, used social media and hashtags to check what is popular nowadays and finally pay a visit to Google Keyword Planner.

To make a long story short, here is my golden list of top keywords for blogging:

  • blog strategy that works
  • blogging trends
  • strategy blog
  • how to increase blog traffic for free
  • how to increase blog traffic fast
  • top blogs in 2020
  • effective blogging
  • blogging goals
  • blogging
  • blogging community
  • blogging and social media
  • future of blogging
  • promote your blog
  • blogging statistics
  • how to start a blog
  • update your blog
  • SEO for blogs
  • blogging mistakes to avoid
  • blogging is part of content marketing
  • blogging tips for new bloggers

Use these top keywords for blogging in your next blog posts and see the quality and quantity of traffic explode within a month.

Top Posts and Keywords for Blogging
Top Posts and Keywords for Blogging

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