August in Greece

This August was full of workshops and many trips to the Greek islands. In other words, August in Greece is always an amazing experience!

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency organized 9 intensive Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshops in Greece, during the summer of 2021. Find out why we were fully booked without running any kind of advertisment.

The 9 private SEO Copywriting workshops in Greece, took place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Andros, Syros, Santorini, Elafonisos, Monemvasia and Ioannina. From August to November we travelled all over Greece and meet 65 amazing people.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency organizes B2B Copywriting Workshops in Greece, Europe and the USA since 2018. In 2020 all our workshops were online events (you know why) but in 2021 we had the pleasure to organize (again) in-person workshops & events in Greece.

Our SEO Copywriting workshops schedule usually is full of SEO tools, real case studies, real-time optimization within real eshops and websites, content creation process for product descriptions, social media copywriting, SEO copywriting for Ads, brand positioning tactics, community building methods from real eshops, personal mentoring and philosophy orientation.

We prefer to show people how to master their skills the best way they can, using their own digital assets. That’s why we keep our workshops low-key and with only a few participants for each circle. We want people to have the perfect amount of time and space so they can actually learn.


Personalized Premium Education

We work through their own eshops & websites, focusing on their own personal needs. That’s the winning point of IDEADECO Workshops: Personalized Premium Education. And we answer all the questions attendees have. Also we choose to protect their privacy. We never use our participants as promotional material for our branding strategy. We respect all the people that trust us. We know that big game players prefer to stay away from the public eye.

Last but not least, we make sure that each participant gets the best recommendations for their portfolio and the best introductions to high value clients. We match their skills and expertise to specific clients. Not only they gain knowledge but also they earn new clientele.

All the above are the reasons why we are fully booked for ALL our 9 private SEO Copywriting workshops in Greece!

SEO Copywriting Workshops Details

Due to privacy settings we will reveal only the basic information.

  • Country: Greece
  • Location: Private Villas
  • Duration: 2 days, 16 hours
  • Third day: Private dinner and drinks in an Awarded Restaurant.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is Your Team of Experts in the digital world of communication, making online businesses thrive in 24 countries.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is located in Greece. We are making brands win attention since 2000. Our clients are spread all over the world and our associated partners have offices in 24 countries.

We create SEO friendly, personalized digital content & provide SEO copywriting services for brands. Since 2000 we are into the business of making brands stand out and lead the game. We know how to turn a brand into a solid community. We make ideas happen into a world of noise. We do business for those who seek results.

In the meantime we enjoy traveling and organizing premium Workshops for SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Branding, and Digital Strategy. Next available IDEADECO Workshops 2022 will be announced in December 2021.

March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce

Eshop owners this is your chance to get free tips for your eCommerce strategy! Book your spot today at IDEADECO meetup!

Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Syros

Art Galleries and Artists finally got their own Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Syros.

Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop For Yoga Teachers in Andros

We are in Andros for the latest IDEADECO Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop for Yoga Teachers. Is there anyone who doesn’t like educational workshops in the Cyclades Islands? #Copywriting #Workshop #Ecommerce #SEO

Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop for Authors in Patmos

The French version of IDEADECO Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Patmos was completed. And we are fully booked for the next one!

Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Santorini

IDEADECO SEO Agency organized an intensive 2 days Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Santorini, on 17 – 19 August 2021. #SEO #Copywriting #Workshop

Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Athens

IDEADECO SEO Agency organized an intensive 2 days Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Workshop in Athens, on 3 – 5 August 2021.

Note to remember 

We accept new entries only after careful selection and research. If our network doesn’t know you then please don’t send us any request to join. This is a B2B Copywriting Workshop and all attendees are bound under a confidential agreement. For any further information, feel free to contact us.

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