Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats

PRESS RELEASE: IDEADECO team organized a special copywriting workshop for Politics & Diplomacy. This SEO Copywriting Workshop took place in Thessaloniki during the Thessaloniki International Exhibition 2021. In a villa, near the city center, 14 people gathered and explore the best practices in digital communication and online reputation for politics & diplomacy careers.

We have to admit that finding the best instructors specialized in political marketing wasn’t easy. We spend 20 months searching for the top digital experts in political marketing. We want to express our gratitude to our official sponsor for their support. Diplomatic Issues magazine guided us and helped us to spot the elite of this sensitive digital marketing industry.

As it seems everything worked out fine because, before the end of the workshop, new people had already signed up for the next one in 2022.

Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Copywriting Workshop Info

Politicians, Diplomats and Social Entrepreneurs share the same passion for communication. Also, they face the same load of challenges. They all make a living through their personal & professional branding. Therefore all their digital assets need outstanding content. This SEO Copywriting Workshop in Thessaloniki was made for them.

  • Who organized: IDEADECO Team & Areti Vassou
  • Where: Greece
  • Language: Greek
Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Copywriting for Politicians

IDEADECO SEO Agency organized this intensive 2 days SEO Copywriting Workshop in Thessaloniki, from 15 – 17 September 2021. The 14 participants came from different cities in Greece.

To wrap up this workshop, we focused in:

  • Website copywriting for Politicians
  • Website copywriting for Diplomats
  • Website copywriting for Social Entrepereneurs
  • Branding for Politics & Diplomacy professionals
  • Keyword research for Politics & Diplomacy
  • SEO copywriting for community building
  • Social media strategy for Politics & Diplomacy
  • Which platforms to use
  • Email copywriting and marketing
  • Website optimization
  • Branding strategy
  • Community building
  • Crisis management scenarios
  • PR strategy and marketing
  • Local SEO for Politics & Diplomacy

So there we were 14 attendees, 6 instructors, and 2 assistants. One of their main goals was to teach them all the skills for handling their own online reputation and digital assets.

How did all these people find our workshop?
Once again: Word of mouth.

They expressed their interest to attend one of our private Copywriting Workshops back in 2019. It took us 20 months to prepare and organize this unique workshop. We are pleased to share that it was a huge succeess!

How can we tell?

Because, on the last day of the workshop we were already fully booked for the next one in September 2022. And the requests keep coming!

Interesting facts: We never pay for advertising our Copywriting Workshops. We ran zero ads on any platform. We didn’t publish any open-invitation about our 2 days workshops. The value of our workshops is spreading by the previous attendees. They keep recommending our SEO Copywriting Workshops to their network of colleagues and friends.

Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

The Selection Process

We are extremely careful with our selection process because we want to match the attendees’ vibes, needs & goals with the right instructors.

Firstly we interview all the applicants and listen carefully to what they want to succeed. Then we audit all their digital assets and write down their pain points. After that, we gather all the information from their websites and social media accounts. For each selected participant we create a business file.

This is the point where we form the teaching groups before we search for the best instructors in the world. We match each participant’s needs to top-notch instructors. When we reach the 90% of our criteria then we set the dates, location and finalize registrations. This is really 100% personalized premium education adapting to Political Economy.

As a result of that we received many requests from people expressing interest to join one of our next SEO Copywriting Workshops focusing on Political Marketing & Copywriting.

Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

SEO Copywriting Workshop

The workshop schedule was full of SEO tools, real case studies, real-time optimization in their own websites, content creation process, advertising methods, social media copywriting, SEO copywriting for Ads, brand positioning tactics, online reputation, personal & business branding and community building methods.

We prefer to show people how to master their skills the best way they can with what they already have in their hands. That’s why we keep our workshops low-key and with only a few participants for each circle. We want people to have the perfect amount of time and space so they can actually learn.

We work through their own websites and digital assets, focusing on their own personal needs. That’s the winning point of IDEADECO Workshops: Personalized Premium Education. 

We want people to:

  • get all the answers they are seeking
  • grow their online business
  • gain the right online skills
  • use the right online tools
  • find the right business partners
  • elavate their personal & business branding

Also, we choose to protect their privacy. We never use our participants as promotional material for our branding strategy.

We respect all the people that trust us.

We know that big game players prefer to stay away from the public eye.

These are the reasons why we are fully booked for ALL the 9 private SEO Copywriting workshops in Greece! During August, September, October and November we dived deep into Ecommerce SEO Copywriting. We visited Athens, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Andros, Syros, Santorini, Elafonisos, Monemvasia and Ioannina.

Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Copywriting Workshop Dates

Due to privacy settings, we can reveal only the basic information.

  • Country: Greece
  • Location: Private Villas
  • Duration: 2 days, 16 hours
  • Third day: Private dinner and drinks in an Awarded Restaurant.

Last but not least, (in this particular workshop) we made sure that each participant got the best private consulting from established digital marketers & copywriters. Professional feedback and optimization tips are the Holly Grade of political marketing. We matched their mindset and their previous work making their one-to-one meetings a mini-workshop for specific services and online tools.

Copywriting Workshop for Politicians and Diplomats by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is Your Team of Experts in the digital world of communication, making online businesses thrive in 24 countries.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is located in Greece. We are making brands win attention since 2000. Our clients are spread all over the world and our associated partners have offices in 24 countries.

We create SEO friendly, personalized digital content & provide SEO copywriting services for brands. Since 2000 we are into the business of making brands stand out and lead the game. We know how to turn a brand into a solid community. We make ideas happen into a world of noise. We do business for those who seek results.

In the meantime we enjoy traveling and organizing premium Workshops for SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Branding, and Digital Strategy. Next available IDEADECO Workshops 2022 will be announced in December 2021.

Note to remember: We accept new entries only after careful selection and research. If our network doesn’t know you then please don’t send us any request to join. This is a B2B Workshop and all attendees are bound under a confidential agreement.

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