Blog Writing Services had an outstanding peak last 6 months. The demand for new content from established Companies, Ecommerce sites, Brands, Blogs, and Entrepreneurs has pinned the premium blog writing services into the top 3 business requests for almost all Content Marketing Agencies in the world.

Receiving more than 1500 business requests per week forced us to collaborate with a network of Content Marketing Agencies in Europe. To make a very long story short, we ended up working with 18 Agencies from all over Europe, 1 from India, 1 from California, and 1 from Brazil.

I have been in the SEO, Content & Digital Marketing business for more than 20 years. The last 6 months shifted the interest of companies from data to pure content. Who would ever think that this day will ever come? Content over Data… Creativity over Numbers.

Premium Blog Writing Services by Areti Vassou

Blog Writing Services

Blog writing services are all about creating tailor-made content for the unique goals and audience of each client. We create the message you deliver to your tribe.

Ideadeco is a boutique SEO & Content Marketing Agency. We are famous for creating SEO content for luxury brands. As a matter of fact, our clients keep us hidden from their competitors.

When our inbox drowned in messages for new collaborations asking for our price list regarding our services, in the beginning, I thought that we were under trolls’ vicious attacks. The second week the storm get heavier and now we were getting emails of: “Regarding our previous email” or “Did you have the chance to visit our blog” or “Let us know if you are available” or “We want your blogging services” etc

We had an emergency online team meeting and we split the incoming emails into groups of industry & interest. It took us 4 working days to run the first screening. And 2 extra days for replying to the potential clients. Usually, 1 out of 5 requests gets to the final stage of signing a business contract. For the first time in my career, 4 out of 5 signed business contracts.

And I thought to myself: Never say Never!

Most of the cases (70%) were into business services and eCommerce. Only a few (30%) had to do with personal brands in Wellness & Beauty. But all of them had similar requirements about what kind of blog writing services they were looking for:

  • Compelling blog content for real people not only for the search engines
  • SEO friendly content for their blog, website, social media, newsletter, auto reply messages and their Ads
  • Content 100% relevant to their own brand/company
  • Blog content that their mom would share with her friends
  • Blogging writing services 24/7 in their language
  • Writing content services with a real time support (that was the most difficult part, so far)
  • SEO content for long-form copywriting (+5000 words)
  • Article writing with evergreen content
  • Infographics
  • Video with how to guides
  • Ebooks
Premium Blog Writing Services by Areti Vassou

Reach Out to Other Professionals

The number of requests kept piling up and even if all our copywriters, strategists, and SEO experts worked together full time it was not doable to deliver everything on time.

When the universe sets you on fire then you think & act outside the box. We decided to reach out to the Agencies we like their work. We reached out to our competitors.

The good thing about speaking or/and attending hundreds of Conferences is that you know first hand most of the CEOs swimming in your pool. Picking the phone and talking directly to the head of the Agency made it easier to shortlist the final collaborators.

We matched which fellow Agencies would fit better with certain clients (criteria by language, culture, previous projects, price range) and sent them the new projects. We had a 98% score of successful matching. (Thank you, Universe!)

The professionals working in blog writing services know how challenging it is to develop engaging content for marketing purposes on short notice. Excellent copywriting services require research of the market, keyword definition, unique content, and with an eye to search engine optimization requirements.

The content firstly has to be branded and pleasant. Secondly must include the brand’s ongoing strategy that resonates with:

  • Target audiences
  • SEO
  • Great ranking
  • Branding
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Adding value
  • Credibility
Areti Vassou is the Founder and Digital Strategy Director of IDEADECO
Areti Vassou is the Founder and Digital Strategy Director of IDEADECO

Premium SEO Copywriting Services

Providing premium SEO copywriting services isn’t an easy task but we specialize in the field of luxury brands, agencies, and every form of B2B business. We are the people that make your online content rank higher in search results. Our SEO copywriting services have been selected by the top players of the most competitive markets.

We create the message you want to deliver to your tribe.- Areti Vassou

Our new clients are happy. And all the clients send to other Agencies are happy, too. Now we have a good story to tell our grandchildren. Lesson learned: People still help each other when intentions are good and when everyone wins a share from the pie.

Great minds see an opportunity, creative minds see a community. We see both!

Premium Blog Writing Services by Areti Vassou

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