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Creativity & Crisis

How to boost your creativity. Develop a human-to-human approach, stimulating creativity to build a new society.

+ Let's meet the people who designed the new Facebook's Emoji

The Designers of Facebook’s Emoji

Need tons of pure talent, inspiration, dreaming hearts and countless human hours to create a digital reaction.

+ Behind Facebook's Emoji Actions & Reactions

Behind Facebook’s Emoji

Why should we invent more ways to make Facebook more complicated?

+ February 2015 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Papo Reto collective members taking pictures and recording videos of the Special Police Forces (BOPE) tank-car patrolling in the streets of Vila Aliança, a favela near Complexo do Alemao. After a militar police cop kill a mototaxi driver in the streets of the favela, several cars and high caliber armed cops invaded the streets in alert of a possible confrontation with the gangs and from the population.

Congrats, 2016 World Press Photo Contest Winners!

The World Press Photo Foundation honors the best photojournalists in the world

+ Free Resume Design Templates

20 Free Resume Design Templates for Web Designers | Elegant Themes Blog

If you already have the design skills required for creating a magnificent and unique resume, most probably you’ll find the following kind of a piece of cake. But the majority out there are not graphic designers guru and could use these great & creative sources.

+ Το AllThingsFacebook, την Τετάρτη 17 Φεβρουαρίου για 5ηχρονιά, θα μας μυήσει στα βαθιά νερά του Facebook Marketing στο Αμφιθέατρο της OTEAcademy

Facebook Minds are in Town

Facebook Minds are in Town on 17 February 2016 @ OTEacademy by ThinkDigital & MarketingWeek

+ The Perfect App-solutely Good Excuse | Gotta Go


The Perfect App-solutely Good Excuse | Gotta Go by Chelsea Handler and Yeti



CONNECT WITH APPY and find your happiness…
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+ Markers will be your new best app-friend

Introducing ‘MARKERS’: The App that’s making everywhere accessible

Mark my words!!! Markers will be your new best app-friend, for life.

+ Technology & Social Media by Areti Vassou IdeaDeco

What most developers trust more?

What most developers trust more?

+ Twitter Widens Its Advertising Net, Tests Promoted Tweets With Logged-Out Users

Twitter Widens Its Advertising Net

Twitter tests promoted Tweets with logged-out users. That’s really big news! It’s been over a year since Twitter first said it planned to monetize logged-out users — that is, make money off the 500 million or so people who dip in.. Source: Twitter Widens Its Advertising Net, Tests Promoted Tweets With Logged-Out Users