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Real people with beating hearts and amazing talent have designed and created the new Facebook’s emoji. Thank you Creative Market Blog for this amazing article. Need tons of pure talent, inspiration, dreaming hearts and countless human hours to create a digital reaction. Let’s meet the people who designed the new Facebook’s Emoji:


The Designers

Julie Zhuo


Facebook’s product design director. The company’s first intern, she joined when she was just 22, and was hired as a full-time engineer within a month. She leads the team responsible for designing the site’s UI on both desktop and mobile, as well as its social sharing tools and newsfeed. So… The whole thing, basically.


Geoff Teehan


Facebook’s other product design director. His digital design firm, Teehan+Lax, is one of the premier product design firms in the world, and the team of engineers and designers he leads has worked with a laundry list of other web titans, including Google, Yahoo, and Youtube.


Andy Chung


The San-Francisco-based product designer behind Facebook’s latest redesign and the Rooms app. He’s more laconic than most of the team, with his website offering just a brief summary of his work with Facebook. It speaks for itself, though. He also has the team’s best Twitter icon.


Brian Frick


Maryland-based product designer who formerly enjoyed a long career with Apple, during which he launched the redesigned iTunes 11, designed the icons and much of the UI for Apple TV, helped to design and illustrate the instruments for Garage Band, and created tens of icons that have since become… Well, iconic.


Brandon Walkin


He (co-)designed the Facebook logo. Is that enough? No? Well, he’s also responsible for the mobile menu bar, and led the project to develop Facebook Paper, a 2014 iOS app that serves as the phone equivalent of a newspaper or magazine.


Seth Eckert


Kentuckian animator and creative director who was largely responsible for creating the animations you see when you hover over the little guys. His stunning visual portfolio can’t be captured in a paragraph, but thankfully, his website’s great for that.


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