Fears and Threats of Creative Thinking

By Hercules Georgiadis

Develop a human-to-human approach, stimulating creativity to build a new society.

That is the vision of designer Hercules Georgiadis (@sevenFishers). In 2009, witnessing the deepening crisis in Greece and the extent to which anger, selfishness and inertia were adding to economic deprivation, Georgiadis started wondering how his fellow citizens could avoid losing all hope in the future.

By going out and meeting various organizations or groups of people to suggest they work together, he experienced first-hand these obstacles related to despair and a total lack of faith in creative thinking. From simple observations, he proposed solutions to promote the development of creative potential.

He suggested organizing workshops for students to teach them how to make presentations, or developing tutorials for architecture students in the use of CAD or structural engineering software useful in their profession. Although free, his proposals failed to be implemented. And yet, when he managed to mobilize a small town of 20,000 concerned and motivated citizens, the result was astounding, with several cultural events born from these moments of collective creativity.

Which just goes to show, concluded the speaker, that it is important to tap into the creative potential of each person in order to combat fear and inhibition, see beyond the crisis to the opportunities it conceals, and constantly act to change our world.

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