The New App in Town is Markers

Mark my words!!! Markers will be your new best app-friend, for life.


We visit unfamiliar cities or unfamiliar parts of our city and desperately need help getting to our actual destination. Sometimes we get lost when trying to find our way around a new location and have issues talking to strangers.

There’s a new app available that can help you and I navigate those inevitable ‘Johnny-just-come’ incidences – it’s called Markers

Markers is a Web and mobile based app that aims to make global navigation faster and easier. It helps users navigate towns and cities with ease by providing them of detailed information about where they are and where they’re going – all in their chosen language.

With MARKERS, it’s a lot easier finding the best spots in town since it tells you exactly how to get there. It also helps you plan ahead of time by saving favorite places.

Would be available in the Web and Android versions both of which would available for February/March 2016. The iOS, Blackberry and Windows versions would be however available later in the year.


Source: Introducing ‘MARKERS’: The App that’s making everywhere accessible

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