Importance of good manners

A person, above everything else, is esteemed and distinguished on account of his good manners. Everyone remembers the most polite or kind person in a room. That tell us something, right?

Always be #kind ... Set the example for others!!! Be the #change you wanna see in the #world .... Be the spirit of #Santa and #Christmas !!! #IdeaDeco #pinterest #etsy #etsyhunter #knowcrunch #egst #Athens #Greece #greecestagram #instagram #instamood #instagreece #AretiVassou

Always be #kind … Set the example for others!!! Be the #change you wanna see in the #world …. Areti Vassou @ Instagram

Always be #kind … Set the example for others!!! Be the #change you wanna see in the #world …. Areti Vassou @ Instagram


 Truth be told a well-mannerd person is difficult to find nowadays. True asset to have even one in your team because the quality standards seem to rise above and hit the sky when this rare Wonder-Human just calms everyone arround. How important is this, need no explanation…


Intelligence or wealth alone can not account the value of a person’s behavior but manners can. To earn the respect equals to have all the power in your hands. Who does not wish to be the most powerful person on-site under all circumstances or events or companies or among a group? And we all know in whatever condition this person is the solid rock of pure logic.


The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” Fred Astaire


Maybe you may not have heard of Fred Astaire’s quote above, but he was an excellent example of a gentleman in every sense of the word. To make a long story short, Astaire was one of the biggest stars of his day, one of the greatest dancers and was also famous as an actor and singer. Yes, he lived long before our time,and still his words of wisdom about manners ,personal conduct and elegance have no expiration day. In a nuttshell, the little things really do count…

 Say the magic words

1. Salutation is important, try to use the correct surname.
2. Be clear and short in your responses. Like “Yes,Sir” or “No, Sir”.
3. Show your willingness with “My pleasure”
4. Be genuine kind and polite with “Thank you for your time” or ” I will be happy to …” and “It is a true honor to…”
5. Absolutely never interrupt.
6. Listen carefully and acknowledge.
7. Be here and now.
8. Say the magic words : “Thank you” “Please” and “Excuse me”
9. Be helpful and generous.
10. Honor your mentors or other people’s achievments
Most of these might sound old fashioned but all the above are the “Golden Rule” – treat others as you would want them to treat you.
Keep in mind that the digital world or social media are part of our life and the same conduct rules apply also into this fast forward media communication text-post-blog language. Good manners are good manners and an art of excellence.

Just try them out and after you will gain the sense of silent respect from people of all ages and face open doors in almost all cases, only then you will realise the power of practicing good manners throughout your life. Do mind your manners, will get you richer – literal and metaphorical- and happier than before.
Be the better person, always.

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