The Perfect App-solutely Good Excuse.

In an episode of her new Netflix documentary series, “Chelsea Does,” comedian Chelsea Handler works through her frustrations around technology. She even helped create her own app, called Gotta Go.

Designed in partnership with app developer Yeti, Gotta Go has one simple function: to get you out of unwanted situations.

All you have to do is create an excuse (i.e. aliens are abducting me, my house was just burglarized), assign it to a phone contact who will be the one to fake-text or call you, attach an emoji so you can remember it later on, and set an alarm when you want the excuse to pop up.

When you’re in that boring dinner later in the evening, you’ll get the text you created earlier, or if you so choose, a phone call with a pre-recorded message from Handler.


The app itself is uncluttered and easy to use. It has one function and does it well. I could imagine using it once in awhile, though probably not on an everyday basis.

source: Tech Insider

Gotta Go 2

The Perfect App-solutely Good Excuse | Gotta Go


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