First of all, September in Greece feels like a second August and you can easily call it a small summer. The weather and the sea are hot and vacations during September are spectacular.

14 Reasons to love September in Greece

14 Reasons to Love September

From all the months, September is my favorite one. For these 12 reasons:

  1. The weather is mildly hot but the nights are quite fresh and a bit chilly.
  2. Swimming at the sea is refreshing because you don’t have to go through the heavy summer super-hot temperatures.
  3. At the beach, there are fewer people and less noise.
  4. The variety of summer fruits are still in season but with a mix of some autumn fruits. Like my beloved grapes!
  5. At the last days of summer sales, you can buy anything you can dream at the lowest prices. The last days of summer and at the beginning of September, I am doing all my Christmas shopping from my List of Presents.
  6. Also, I can book at the best hotels in Greece at a better price for my last set (6 days) of autumn vacations.
  7. Airtickets tend to have friendlier prices after the second half of September. Guess what? Of course, I am booking as many tickets as possible for my next autumn or winter trips. This is one of my top priorities, every single year.
  8. New books are showing on the bookstores and can’t wait to read them.
  9. New digital technology gadgets are showing up in stores. Yes, I am guilty of a digital technology crash…
  10. Many new conferences are starting to fill in my calendar. For example WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019 or Syros 1st WordPress Meetup.
  11. All my friends have returned from their summer vacations and I can see them again! Dinner and red wine with friends is the best way to enjoy a September evening under the Athenian night sky.
  12. New projects and goals are knocking my adrenaline’s door. Each September a new circle of creative growth is pushing forward my business. New challenges are most welcomed!
  13. Finally, the autumn hues will gradually start to color nature.
  14. One more reason: we are closer to Christmas season!
Why We Love September in Greece
Why We Love September in Greece

What do you think of September?

Today I wanted to share with you my 14 reasons why I love September. What makes me look forward to discovering what this summer-looking month will bring to my door. It’s a month full of gifts and new experiences.

But how about you? What do you think about September? Does it give you that feeling of eagerly anticipate knowing September has arrived? What are your best reasons to make you embrace this September?

Enjoy it and do share what you most look forward to as well in the comments below. Wishing you a lovely September.

14 Reasons to love September in Greece
14 Reasons to love September in Greece

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