Corporate blogging is used by companies and brands to build a strong communication channel with their selected audience. Within its content, they address to company news, updates, presentations, product guides, industry topics, expert tips, researches, books, financial data, scientific resources, videos, interviews, seminars, workshops etc. A well structured corporate blog can bring traffic to your website and the right attention to your company.

Although we are used to seeing more posts about certain types of blogs, like travel, magazines, newspapers, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wedding, fitness, nutrition, food, tourism, DIY, technology, gaming, Fintech, hotels, art, photography, dance etc blogging doesn’t stop there.

The industry of academic, medical, healthcare, pharma, science, publishing, printing, mechanics, hardware engineer and many others are only some of the players that through their websites they use the two major principles of blogging: share knowledge and build communication bridges.

Corporate Blogging Tips

Corporate Blogging Practices

In this case, forget everything you have read or heard about blogging or marketing copy.

By definition, corporate or business blogging eliminates the personal perspective. Inside corporate blogs, the content is based on solid facts.

The blogger has to do a lot of research, sometimes has to run experiments and collect results. In several cases, this can last for months. The author must use only official resources and proven testimonials by official authorities. Of course, the citation is obligatory and any reference of published papers, books and real case studies must be accompanied by public data.

In other words, personal opinions have no place in corporate blogging. Just imagine, reading about a new medical treatment and suddenly you stumble upon a personal comment by the author of the blog. That is a lethal mistake for corporate blogging because personal opinions should stay inside the head of the blogger. It doesn’t matter if it is a negative or positive personal comment, in both cases, it can easily destroy the credibility of the brand.

Corporate Blogging Tips

Forget Personal Voice

We tend to take for granted that personal voice in blogging is the holy grail. We are influenced by millions of posts every day that screaming to make all copywriters as personal as possible. But think again! Like everything in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to content strategy.

Certain industries must avoid the sentimental or too personal or too human approach. They just need to state the facts. Experienced and top tier business bloggers do know the difference between high streaming blogging and corporate blogging. And that is to be neutral and understandable.

For example, in medical blogging, describing a surgery process leaves no room for making it more friendly by adding your personal point of view. Doing so, it could eventually cost a life. Teaching a new technique means that you are voicing the process of sharing knowledge. If you have a strong creative urge then it would be better to seek a career as a blogger in different areas.

Believe it or not, there are professional bloggers that find true joy writing about a new printer head or new software that reads MRI scans or about geology and chemistry scientific breakthroughs or about DICOM. That’s the beauty of blogging! It’s not only about lifestyle or fashion or travel destinations. People can actually learn through blogs.

The WordPress Method

Let’s take the WordPress blog as an example. WordPress is sharing its own majestic technology and tools with the public through their blog posts. They share knowledge while they build a specific positioning on the market. They have mastered the game of communication above and beyond any other CMS player on the market. But They Never Share Their Personal Opinion, just pure and easy to understand knowledge.

And with that will come to our next major cornerstone of corporate blogging. Making your grandmother understand how something complicated actually works.

Corporate Blogging Tips

Does your Grandmother Understand This?

That is the ultimate test. If your grandmother doesn’t understand what you are saying then you’ve got it all wrong. And you should find a new approach!

Inside corporate blogs, it is common to deal with difficult and demanding topics. To name a few examples:

  • Writing and explaining a new software
  • Guide for a new complicated photo camera features
  • Presenting a complex mathematical theory
  • Official presentation for a top-notch social event
  • PR presentations
  • Introduction to a new academic research
  • Solving common problems for a specific product or service or app
  • Heavy industry products
  • Governmental organizations & services
  • Political or public figures
  • Law organizations & services
  • Public organizations & services
  • Medical presentations & researches
  • Marine Industry
  • Educational organizations & institutions
  • and so many others…

For all the above it may take hundreds of hours to do all the necessary research and curate the final copy before publishing it on a blog/website and social media channels.

Although the majority of bloggers tend to be attracted by mainstream trendy topics, all the aforementioned topics are well paid and can produce tremendous traffic and turn a professional blogger into a celebrity. Only a small group of bloggers dare to follow this demanding path and dedicate their blogging pen to hard-working categories.

Corporate Blogging Tips

Famous Corporate Blogs

Many believe that there aren’t any big players in the blogosphere where they could actually prove that corporate blogging is profitable and established. There are thousands of companies that are really rewriting the rules of blogging. Let’s see some of them:

Facebook Newsroom: It’s a VIP blog with more than 135.000 unique visits per day according to Worth of Web.

On their blog, you will find Facebook’s news & announcements regarding everything about the company and its services. They use a simple but 100% professional and neutral language. The content creation team shares valuable information in a manner that can be understood by all levels of visitors. They publish a new post 7-12 times per month depending on the need for sharing valuable information & important news.

If you go through their posts you won’t find any personal voice between the lines. They state crystal clear the information they wish to share. Even in cases of sensitive topics, they keep a professional attitude with no sentimental twist.

From all the companies that run a corporate blog, Facebook Newsroom is by far the master of digital communication skills.

Now You Can See and Control the Data That Apps and Websites Share With Facebook
Now You Can See and Control the Data That Apps and Websites Share With Facebook

Let’s break down one of their posts:

Now You Can See and Control the Data That Apps and Websites Share With Facebook

Published on 20 August 2019 by By Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer, Policy, and David Baser, Director of Product Management

It has 13 paragraphs and with only 796 words, they explain in-depth a very serious and important topic about data control & apps. They have wisely chosen the categories: [Data and Privacy · Product News] and the tags: [Ads and Pages Transparency · Advertising · Controls]. Although they haven’t used any headings within the copy, both categories & tags are aligned with the strongest keywords of this hot topic.

Visitors, journalists and all kind of media can find the company’s official position & statement in a blog post where they can use as a reference.

Visitors can find answers to a specific topic within the company’s branded blog. Nothing else can build trust and transparency between the community and the company like hearing the news from the official source. That is the core reason why a corporate blog is a must-have in a company’s content strategy. To own and control the information about its brand.


Another excellent corporate blog is

They create software for SEO. Yoast helps you with your website optimization, whether it be through their widely used SEO software or their online SEO courses.

This blog is focused on everything about SEO. Yoast writes about several topics like Content SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, eCommerce and WordPress.

They use an easy to understand language and all the right keywords in the right positions. With not long posts (usually) they keep the attention of the visitor to the highest point.

At the end of each post, you want to read more and definitely you will signup in their newsletter because everyone wants more free SEO tips! Yoast has master call-to-action (CTA) methods with a smooth and joyful manner.

Every single post they publish could easily stand alone as a mini corporate website. Even if it is the first time you stumble upon to one of its posts you will have a clear idea of what they do and what they sell. That is a brilliant marketing strategy and digital copywriting win! They do set the perfect example of corporate blogging with a certain goal.

Corporate Blogging Tips
Corporate Blogging Tips

How to Set a Successful Corporate Blog

Before you publish your blog define the reasons you need it and the goals you wish to reach. Having a solid mission can help your blog stand out for the right keywords.

Hear your audience carefully. What do they ask you? What kind of information are they looking for? What needs can your company cover within its own blog? Would it need short or long-form blog posts?

For example, a company that creates dental equipment for dentists won’t need to publish content about football. Unless they have a line of products for athletic dentist solutions.

Clarify why each post is on air. That will help you understand how often you should publish new content. Let’s see Advantis Medical Imaging. They publish a new post only when it is absolutely necessary to inform their target audience. They lead their market as pioneers of Cloud Neuroimaging Software but they never try to fit into marketing best practices. They publish only important and valuable information about their company news.

Avoid any kind of trendy buzzwords and expressions. Create content that doesn’t need any further explanation. On the other hand, stick to the official terminology when it is obligatory. Medical, Law, Science and so many other industries have their own language and terms. Respect that!

Absolutely never use any personal pronouns in strict business blogs or any form of “social media + texting” language. Use as less as possible the exclamation mark (!) but feel free to use it if your blog presents code.

Again, keep personal opinions to yourself. For those that can not escape their need to have the last word, then they should consider turning their creativity into a personal blog.

Set a content calendar for your blog. If a company needs to publish twice a month then form a yearly schedule for the next topics. In case your company needs new content twice a week, then it’s a good idea to hire a professional to do the job.

Organize the company’s content team with specific guidance of what kind of posts are acceptable. Of course, having a content marketing professional on your side would make your blog look more successful.

Blogs that include the following types of content tend to gain more traffic:

  • The How-To Posts are the number one content for almost all industries and niches.
  • Detailed guides can bring great results.
  • Presentations of a new product or service or achievement.
  • Presentations of researches that are difficult to find.
  • In some cases, interviews can bring a lot of traffic.
  • Opinion/Positioning posts for a controversial topic can be useful for certain industries.
  • Announcement for competition with an award.
  • Important case studies.
  • Mission and philosophy statement posts.
  • In some cases, CSR posts can produce a positive impact.
  • Also, official Press Releases tend to bring a lot of traffic.
  • Educational posts have a strong influence on all industries.
  • Finally, career opportunities and event announcements can boost a company’s blog.
Corporate Blogging Tips
Corporate Blogging Tips

Are you a new blogger? Give WordPress a Try!

Having said all the above, it is only natural to add this last thought. If you are reading this but you don’t have any blogging experience then consider to give WordPress a try. It will guide you, step by step, and make you feel comfortable enough to run your own corporate blog. or will show you a brand new world of opportunities. Just do it!

And you will have a global community of exceptional fellow bloggers, developers, designers and entrepreneurs on your side.

Corporate Blogging Tips
Corporate Blogging Tips

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