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+ Autumn Vibes Under October's Full Moon by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Autumn Vibes Under October’s Full Moon

October is entering into our lives with an amazing full moon and we can’t hide our joy. And truth be told, we all need some beautiful moments, right? #Autumn #October #News

+ Why We Love September in Greece

Why We Love September in Greece

September is a fascinating month and here are our 14 reasons why we love the beginning of Autumn. Would you like to share yours?

+ My Sweet September

My Sweet September

There are plenty of reasons to love September. Tell us yours!

+ Keep Falling for Autumn

Keep Falling for Autumn

These original images with transparent backgrounds actually add a designer spice to all kind of digital scrapbooks, holiday letters, and photography portfolios. They can be layered to create your own logo or compiled into personal stationery – the possibilities are endless, whether you’re producing online graphics or printables or even a work of art.