Summer in Greece is a state of mind. The Big Blue is calling all day long!

Summer is the best time to discover yourself

Dare to discover what brings you joy and keep it close. Seek no approval for what makes you feel fulfilled. After all, no one can walk into your shoes. Just live your life the way you want, travel the way you want, feel the way you want and leave the explanations to get lost in the wind.
Photo by @fiorello @monikakritikou

“Seeking my own corner of shadow/ Seeking my own white and blue stories/ Seeking the words…” Silent Messages © Areti Vassou

If it brings you joy then you are at the right place. You are in Greece! Greece is a state of mind, indeed.

People who dare to share new ideas and experiences are the ones who move humanity forward. The belief that there is something worth discovering out of our comfort zone makes us take the next step into the unknown. There is so much more to explore in life if only we dare to open our wings to fly.

The collateral beauty of the small things may seems impossible to be seen but it’s there if you pay attention.

“Chasing shadows under the sun/ Leaving behind all the noises/ Facing time with a smile/ Staying untold… ” Silent Messages © Areti Vassou

“Inspiration is falling from the sky / The bliss of flying away / Making rounds through restless clouds…” Silent Messages © Areti Vassou

Some knots are better to be left intact …

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