We are delighted and proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of the media supporters of the upcoming WordCamp Europe 2019. It will take place in Berlin on 20-22 June 2019 and all WordPress aficionados will gather and share their expertise. The WordPress tribe rocks!

#WCEU 2019 is Near!

You already know how passionate I am about WordPress, right? It’s no surprise that I read, attend, follow, research and study everything about WordPress. When on 15th October 2018, I saw the Call for Media Partners and Supporters, of course, I signed in the application form immediately. I wanted to join the source of exclusive stories from #WCEU 2019.

Here we are today, at the beginning of February 2019, jumping out of joy for been among the few and lucky Media Supporters. We are so ready to spread the hot news of WordPress Europe that we can’t hold our horses.

Some girls like diamonds, some other like cars, some like chocolate but some of us adore the culture of open code that nurtures WordPress. We are gonna be 10 Media Partners and 5 Media Supporters on the site. We will be sharing with our audience all the highlights and insights about the organization of the event and all the outstanding stories around WordCamp Europe 2019. Hip hip hooray!

WordCamp Europe 2019 Official Media Partners & Supporters

Media Partners #WCEU 2019

Let’s meet the inspiring fellows who want to sparkle our world with some WordPress magic stardust.

WordCamp Europe was fortunate to have repeat interest amongst their wonderful Media Partners for 2019. So the following heroes have stand next to the WordCamp Europe Public Relations Office since 2017:

  • KrautPress – German multi-author WordPress blog and podcast
  • Torque Magazine – a publication aimed at bringing education to the WordPress community, and
  • WPTavern – the leading WordPress news site.

Also, from 2018 and back this year they support WordCamp Europe:

And the new additions for 2019 are:

WordCamp Europe  Berlin June 20-22 2019

Media Supporters #WCEU 2019

Let’s get to know better the selection of Media Supporters who will be publishing news about WordCamp Europe 2019.

  • IDEADECO – Digital Marketing & SEO website
  • pedromendes.com – Website at the intersection of Digital Life and Culture
  • Pressidium Blog – Blog about WordPress and issues related to WordPress
  • Pressengers – WordPress News, Security, Themes and Plugins Plattform, and
  • Reimar Kosack – a Youtube channel whose authors create content to explain WordPress to the world.

What Media Partners & Supporters Do

The Media Partners and Supporters have access to backstage news, plus interviews with Speakers, Sponsors and members of the Organising Team before and during the event, which the community will watch, listen to and learn about through exclusive features.

See you all in Berlin this June!

WordCamp Europe 2019 Official Media Partners and Supporters

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