We asked top professionals from different industries how has social media influenced the way they do business. And their answers may surprise you! At the end you will read my input, too.

We believe that social media has changed our lives in so many unexpected ways, that is beyond our comprehension. Every day we see tiny differences in the way people communicate and express, due to the use of social media.

Monika Kritikou

It has influenced it in a major way. I enjoy how measurable every result of the actions taken on social media is, so that educated decisions can be made. Social media platforms have given to smaller businesses to acquire knowledge for their target group and act upon it. Of course, all companies have to be flexible to adjust to the new perceptions that social media networks have set. Continue reading…

Monika Kritikou Fiorello Photography

Arsenis Paschopoulos

Social media IS my business: though social media I help businesses that are small or very small find customers all over Greece and around the world. Continue reading...

Arsenis Paschopoulos

Paraskevi Kourtidou

Although I don’t see myself as a warm social media user, it amazes me how easily you can find everyone and connect with people on the other side of the planet. This immediate and available way of communication has changed our perception of reality.

As said before, this immediate and available way of communication has changed our perception of reality and how we do business. Nowadays we only one click away from a business meeting and clients can reach us through social media & our website. Continue reading…

Helena Chaviara

In social media, News hit you in a second. If you curate your profile and source of info properly you have access to all beauty of this world. And then you can close it, go see for yourself and then perhaps share again your opinion with friends and family by posting photos / stories, a review.

Our business www.rpsevents.gr was built based on social media. We managed to target the group of clients we were aiming for and to be known for our impeccable taste and unique style. Continue reading…

Viktorija Ignataviciute

Social media gives you real time access to market, possibility to communicate remotely, ability speak directly to the audience and share the information to masses (quite) freely. Traditional media, as much as I love, unfortunately, lacks of such criteria which has become pretty critical for modern society and business.

It brought up a need to stay super dynamic and up to date to most recent trends and news. It challenges the competition and creativity skills because potential audience has immediate access to local and international alternatives to the service or product you work with. Continue reading…

Viktorija Ignataviciute

Damianos Vavanos

As a former marketer, I like to see other marketer’s campaigns including their visuals, copy and engagement. I always seek for best practices.

Personally, I like to see events and follow my friends who I haven’t seen in a while!

I used to run a digital marketing business so…a lot. I think social media gave us the opportunity to market against the big multinational companies. It has democratized marketing. Continue reading…

Damianos Vavanos

Areti Vassou

Social media is an essential part of my business growth. As a Digital Marketing & SEO expert you will find me working at least 4 hours per day, in all major social media channels. But I have to admit that Instagram is one of my favorite ones! It makes business feel so much joyful.

Instagram is my favorite social media network by far. I like the fact that people are willing to share their now-moments from their corner of the world. It is so inspiring that millions of people notice the beauty of life and want to share it with other people.

It feels like we are all gathered around a campfire while sharing stories, emotions, dreams, deep thoughts… It takes a lot of courage to stay human and act upon the need to communicate with other people. That I find uplifting and optimistic!!! Instagram permits users to be more social, more interactive, more direct and creative. Let’s hope that it won’t end up as a Facebook copycat with all this incoming advertising noise.

When I was a teenager we used to throw spontaneous Saturday night parties to-know-us-better. We were listening to music, dancing, playing games, taking photographs, telling stories, flirting, talking about fashion or books or films or art and discussing our problems with school or family. We were stepping into adulthood through endless talks and music… Sounds familiar enough with today’s Social Media activity, doesn’t it?

Above and beyond everything else, the impulse of the human race to reach out has altered the predefined course of things in the most unexpected ways.  It is my hope that the current and next generations of thinkers and doers will bring the house down and turn the tables… My generation had the need to eliminate the gap of distance between people; Social Media does play a huge role in that. But still… we overuse and abuse the “media” part and forget the essential element of “social” part. Which is to come closer, right?

Well, I trust the youngest among us to finetune the Social Media Concept. It is only fair to let the river’s flow shape the coast… Eventually, it will happen with or without our consent! Just wait and see. Continue reading…

Areti Vassou

Now it’s your turn

Tell us how has social media influenced the way you do business. We would love to have your input.

How has social media influenced the way you do business

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