Lack of trust is the number one signal that it’s time to quit your current job. Any company in the world is based on human relationships and healthy management. Both employers & employees, need trust and mutual respect to grow stronger.

Keeping the best employees isn’t an easy task when a company cannot fulfill the basic requirements of a positive environment. Long delays of payments, insecurity vibes, and a sense of “walking on eggshells” from 9-5 are pushing people to the exit door.

Directors or managers that fail to see the early signs of discomfort end up all alone dealing with the ugly truth of social isolation. And one day, the company itself could reach the finish line, sooner than expected.

High performing employees

High performing employees tend to wave goodbye long before it’s clear that something is wrong in a company. When employees feel stressed, anxious, unable to function, and not being appreciated or recognized, then they fly away. Strong and productive employees don’t want to work in a job where they’re not paid on time.

People with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity, don’t want to stay in an unhealthy environment full of agony for the next day. They choose to invest their energy in their next step. They seek opportunities to be creative, shine, feel motivated, enthusiastic, and in love with their job.

If in your current job you don’t get this kind of satisfaction and you are underpaid, then it’s time to quit your job.

No company has the right to make a person believe that it deserves to be treated like a soulless object. Our working life is part of our path and should make us proud and strong.

Lack of growth and development

One of the top things most employees are looking for is an opportunity for future growth and development in a company. Even a small size business can have a scale-up indicator.

That being said, any company can create a plan for development that may include training opportunities, certification opportunities, managerial opportunities, travels for conferences, etc.

Creative employees always want to continue moving up, forward, earning more, learning more, growing their skills, growing personally, learning new things that interest them, growing their salary, or earning enough to make them feel comfortable.

Showing that the company is investing in its growth will allow them to see a future in its job. Without all the above, companies will continue to lose good employees.

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