What is Google Dorking?

Google‬ dorking‬ it’s a technique which involves using Google’s advanced search techniques to dig up information on the internet that doesn’t easily pop up during a normal search.

Of course, Google dorking is just as often used for good as for evil. Good-guy hackers, called “white hats,” use these same advanced techniques to test security systems and see if and how they can be breached by the bad guys. Via Business Insider


Earlier this week, the US blamed Iranian hackers for a series of attacks in 2012 and 2013 on several targets, including a New York City dam. The attack on the dam gave the hacker info about water levels and the dam’s sluice gate, which could have allowed the attacker to open the gate and flood part of the city, the US Department of Justice said.

But the hacker was foiled because the sluice gate happened to be offline for maintenance during the hack. How did the accused person get access to this dam? He Googled it, according to The Wall Street Journal.


Via Something called ‘Google dorking’ helps hackers find out stuff no one wants them to know  |  Business Insider


Google Doodle

Google Doodle

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