We need more sources full of culture and art just like Elculture. Life feels brighter when art becomes a significant part of it because inspiration makes the world go round. Elculture is the most popular online platform of modern culture in Greece and Europe.

Elculture Online Magazine

Elculture online platform provides daily information about culture, art events, books, music, theater, cinema and important art news. Elculture platform was created in March 2007 and the team is consisted by experienced cultural editors and journalists, as well as external collaborators from all over Greece and abroad.

The editorial team of Elculture manages cultural information, publishing art news, events and happenings. It presents all events in the form of proposals to the public and organizes them in the form of an agenda.

In addition, Elculture keeps the public informed about important news and developments in the field of culture and arts with all relevant articles: interviews, reviews, opinions, tributes, announcements, podcasts, books, films and art journalism of special interest.

Elculture has a wide audience interested at:

  • those who love arts and culture
  • use new technologies
  • follow developments
  • participate in artistic and cultural life
  • those who make up the cultural chain
  • artists
  • people of the arts
  • cultural institutions
  • event organizers
  • journalists
  • media

From the first minute visitors know what to expect from the platform. Within seconds they have a preview of all the top art news is happening in Greece and all over the world. On the home page, the stream of news is rich and covers all cultural events. If you are a bookworm or a music lover or a theater enthusiast or dance is your passion then Elculture is your must-visit-stop.

Online Culture Found at Elculture

What I like most at Elculture

My favorite columns at Elculture are Elcwomen and Elcblog. My first stop is their amazing blog because they share news and opinions that give me a new perception about hot issues. The second stop is everything they publish about women empowerment. They talk about this sensitive topic with respect and without sugaring the pill. In the last two weeks, I have discovered their podcasts which have managed to attract successfully my attention. Especially these ones:

Online Culture Found at Elculture

The people behind Elculture

Publisher: Nikos Ververidis
CEO & Managing Director: Kalliopi Alpitsi
Chief Editor, Material Editing, Communications: Katerina Parri
Editor: Argyro Bozoni
Elculture team: Noula Bitsika, Zoe Lyberi

Gely Gryntaki, Sofia Eftychiadou, Argyro Bozoni, Pepi Nikolopoulou, Anna Routsi, Old boy, Nikos Grylakis

Commercial Department

Technical Implementation

Information Architecture
K2 Design | Maria Karvouni

Graphic Design
K2 Design | Giannis Kouroudis

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