April is bringing Spring into our lives! Every year, the cold of winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning. New beginnings are on the way, it’s time to welcome them.

Once again we rely on History to gain knowledge and express gratitude for the Freedom we experience today. On 25th March 2021, Greece celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Greek Independence Day in 1821.

The Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek Revolution led by Greek revolutionaries against the Ottoman Empire between 1821 and 1830. Greeks all over the world celebrate Greek Independence Day, on 25 March, which is a national holiday in Greece.

Bicentennial Greece

The Greek Revolution of 1821 is a pivotal chapter in Greek history and a piece in the puzzle of world history. The Greek Revolution of 1821, established the significance of Democracy and Freedom. It was formed in relationship with other revolutions and wars for independence that flared up at approximately the same time, and had a strong effect on the rest of the world.

Greece celebrated Independence Day with a spectacular Parade in Athens on 25 March 2021. Foreign dignitaries, including Prince Charles, representing the UK, are among the few spectators of the event.

For the first time, troops in historical uniforms led the parade, followed by mechanized columns and marching units, which were headed by the “Evzones”, while air formations were flying in the skies over Athens. Read more details about the Bicentennial Greece Celebrations on 25th March 2021.

Bicentennial Greece Celebrations on 25th March 2021
Bicentennial Greece Celebrations on 25th March 2021


An Art Project with a long history

Dimitra Hatziadam has photographed and edited the photo exhibition “Evzones, the guardians of the unsung”. Dimitra Hatziadam spend five years behind the closed doors of this elite military unit. She is the only accredited woman photographer of the Presidential Guard.

The Evzones stand as a national symbol and this realisation is always in their mind when they are trained; when they pace; when they stand still at the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis for the official hoisting and lowering of the flag; when they honour the Unknown Soldier. The Evzone is an anonymous Greek soldier who gives his life for freedom, but he also represents all those who fought and fell. His uniform is full of symbols that relate to milestones of Greek history and significant events.

Art Exhibition: 22 March – 18 April 2021
Gallery: Δια Λόγου / Διαγνωστικό κέντρο Ψυχολογίας και Τέχνης
Address: Dimokritou 24, Kolonaki, Athina 106 73
Art Curator: Iraklis Fovakis
Public Relations: www.ariapr.gr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimitra.hatziadam/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dimitra_hatziadam/
YouTube: Dimitra Hatziadam

Χατζηαδάμ Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας ΕΥΖΩΝΕΣ Οι φύλακες των αφανών
Χατζηαδάμ Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας ΕΥΖΩΝΕΣ Οι φύλακες των αφανών

Are you into WordPress?

WordCamp Greece 2021 goes online on 16 -18 April
Book your seat, today!

WordCamp Greece 2021 announced their Online Tech Conference is happening on 16,17 and 18 April 2021. The entire world knows how active and creative the WordPress Greek Community is and rumor has it that this Online WordCamp would be the talk of the town. The organizing team have a history of succesfull WordCamps in Athens and Thessaloniki, numerous meetups in Larissa, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Crete, Ioannina, Olympos, Syros and many other cities to come.

The WordPress Greek Community is always eager to contribute in the growth of WordPress open source software and in bonding the community. They never settle for the most travelled path and they support an inclusive culture in their events. Although all WordCamps are organized by volunteers the visitors recieve a state of the art professional organized events.

WordCamp Greece 2021 goes online on 16 -18 April
WordCamp Greece 2021 goes online on 16 -18 April
What to Post on Instagram: 12 Ideas for Your Feed

Yesterday we received an interesting question about Ideadeco’s Instagram feed. A newbie Instagrammer wanted to know which of our IG posts had the best reach for January and February. Truth be told we had many balls in the air during the last two months and we didn’t publish anything about our brand’s Instagram feed.

Let’s fix that, today!

To our surprise, some of our best promising posts didn’t perform as well as we expected them. Take into consideration that we almost never spend any money on advertising on Instagram. Usually, we choose 1 or 2 posts every month to promote with less than 15 dollars per month. As a team, we strongly believe in organic results and in building a real connection with our digital community.

We don’t want to pay for people’s attention. We prefer to gain 15 likes and 5 comments from real people that truly care about our content instead of getting hits from hundreds of bot interactions with automated responses.

Here is the collection of the best performing Instagram posts in our brand’s account feed. Feel free to get inspired by our ideas!

Instagram inspiration by Ideadeco team
Instagram inspiration by Ideadeco team
Tip of the Day

Did you know that with professional SEO copywriting services you can earn spectacular organic results? Use your creativity to attract attention and start a real conversation with your community.

Online Culture found into Elculture pages
Online Culture found into Elculture pages
Online Culture found into Elculture pages

We need more sources full of culture and art just like Elculture. Life feels brighter when art becomes a significant part of it because inspiration makes the world go round.Elculture is the most popular online platform of modern culture in Greece and Europe.

Elculture online platform provides daily information about culture, art events, books, music, theater, cinema and important art news. Elculture platform was created in March 2007 and the team is consisted by experienced cultural editors and journalists, as well as external collaborators from all over Greece and abroad.

The editorial team of Elculture manages cultural information, publishing art news, events and happenings. It presents all events in the form of proposals to the public and organizes them in the form of an agenda.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency
About IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency

Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency is located in Greece and we are making brands win attention since 2000. Our clients are spread all over the world and our associated partners have offices in 24 countries.We create SEO friendly, personalized digital content & copywriting for brands. Since 2000 we are into the business of making brands stand out and lead the game.

We know how to turn a brand into a solid community. We make ideas happen into a world of noise. We do business for those who seek results. Let’s do business!

Areti Vassou

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