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On Tuesday 22 August 2017, LinkedIn announced that native video will gradually be available to all members in the coming weeks. You can read this detailed LinkedIn post by Pete Davies if you want to explore how you can post native videos.

If you are a visual reader (again this is a proof of video power!) then pay a visit to Social Media Examiner website in this particular article:  How to upload and share native video on LinkedIn by Viveka von Rosen.

Every Digital Marketing Specialist on earth will celebrate this new feature. It is needless to point out, the importance of video for growing brand’s awareness.


Quik Reminder about Videos

We can find video-content on websites, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Snapchat and elsewhere.  Social Media Examiner points out that all marketers are planning to increase their usage of videos. There is a very good point here: it is always better to show “your message” than talk about it. So, LinkedIn is offering for free its native video new feature.  Well done!


What is the Power of Video?

The direct delivery of “your message” to the end client of your brand, is the power of video content. Who will disagree with this?

LinkedIn is a lion player in the B2B game. And they finally added native video on their platform. The professional mindset of LinkedIn permits to keep your video content focused on business interaction. Is all about business storytelling and official brand voice, without getting lost in thousands of pet or kids sweet videos.

Through LinkedIn native video a company or a brand can expand their audience to the certain niche target market within its platform. The feed is already there, your clients are there and your prospect leads are there, too! LinkedIn is a perfect match for several types of videos, such as product demos, man-on-the-street interviews, industry event coverage, how-to videos, AMA videos and more.


Videos attract the eye

Create easy to the eye videos and let them do all the heavy work of direct or indirect digital brand awareness. Noone can resist a good quality video! LinkedIn provides access to statistics and metrics if you want to dive into your numbers. Measure your impact and adjust your video content accordingly. Don’t neglect to check often, how many views, likes, and comments your videos are receiving.


LinkedIn Experts Tips

Read this detailed guide for the best use of videos on your LinkedIn profile by Dennis Koutoudis. He is a top LinkedIn Expert | LinkedIn Trainer & Consultant | Author | Founder & CEO | Entrepreneur | International Keynote Speaker.

How to use videos on your LinkedIn profile


Note to remember

Companies will have to wait a little bit longer for this feature. For now, it is only available for members. Additionally, LinkedIn Sponsored Content does not currently accommodate video.


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Linkedin Profile Tips

This is not a sponsored post. We use and trust LinkedIn. We also want to show our respect to Dennis Koutoudis for his notable business achievements as a LinkedIn Expert.


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  1. I never know that you can share video tru linkedIn. This could be a great way for more exposure especially if you are building quality links to your website. Thanks for sharing this.

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