Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Learn how you can use LinkedIn to promote your blog and your personal brand. See why it’s the ultimate social media content booster!

+ LinkedIn Seminar for Doctors

LinkedIn Seminar for Doctors

This seminar is for you if you seek ways to improve your LinkedIn account.

+ Top Voices 2017 LinkedIn

Top Voices 2017 LinkedIn

Read what it takes to be among the Top Voices on LinkedIn. Consistency and hard work are the main elements.

+ LinkedIn Native Video

LinkedIn Native Video

We can find video-content on websites, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Snapchat and elsewhere.  Social Media Examiner points out that all marketers are planning to increase their usage of videos. There is a very good point here: it is always better to show “your message” than talk about it. So, LinkedIn is offering for free its native video new feature.  Well done! 

+ Top Linkedin Expert, Dennis Koutoudis and LinkedSuperPowers presentation at IdeaDeco by Areti Vassou

Top Linkedin Experts

Dennis Koutoudis is an internationally recognized LinkedIn™ Profile Makeover Specialist – Featured on The Huffington Post, CNN iReport, Entrepreneur. Dennis is responsible for the growth of LinkedSuperPowers.

+ LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Your profile is your LinkedIn page that describes your career history, education, and other related content you may want to publish. A complete LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunity.

+ Linkedin networking

LinkedIn Networking

Linkedin networking pro tips

+ Find joy in the little things by Areti Vassou

Find joy in the little things | Areti Vassou | LinkedIn

Offer your caring attention generously and you will be surprised how joy and happiness will find ways to return back to you.

+ Ideadeco is Hiring Junior Copywriters

Ideadeco is Hiring Junior Copywriters

Join our team! We’re hiring Junior Copywriters! We’re so excited to announce that Ideadeco is expanding! #Ideadeco #Careers #Greece

+ My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki

My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki

As it seems 2020 had an extraordinary story hidden under its quiet days for Loukia Zervoudaki. #About2020 #CopywritingContest

3 More Reasons to Love Christmas in Piraeus

Piraeus achieved to become the ultimate Christmas Wonderland for 2020. And the Instagram bloggers love it! #Christmas #DestinationPiraeus

+ Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020 by Areti Vassou

Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020

Discover which Ideadeco Blog Posts reached the top Google results during 2020. #About2020 #Ideadeco