Has it ever happened to you to attend a conference talk and have further questions and opinions that you would like to discuss? But sometimes, the Q&A section of the talk might not be the right time. The talk might run out of time, or you just may not want to share your thoughts on a microphone at that time.

It can happen to all of us. On the other hand, it is too bad to miss an idea that may spark some great discussions and resolve questions, due to bad timing.

And someone in the organizing team had a great idea. To create a WP Cafe!

Let's have a coffee at WP Cafe #WCTHESS2019
Let’s have a coffee at WP Cafe #WCTHESS2019

WP Cafe is here to stay!

Have you heard the news? WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019 #WCTHESS2019 is launching the best way to keep the conversation rolling.

We are really excited to present to you the new component of WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019: WP Cafe.

So, for the sake of all these nice conversations we want to foster, we decided to create the proper place for hosting them. What a better opportunity than the comfort of a (WP) Cafe!

For the first time, the participants will have the opportunity to meet the speakers of the conference and discuss in greater detail the impressions and questions left by the speeches.

WP Cafe is a WordCamp happening, taking place in parallel with the talks during the main event. A spot inside the Thessaloniki Concert Hall will be dedicated to finding and reaching out to the professionals you will listen to, and discuss more in-depth the topics of interest to you and other conference attendees.

Our goal is to spark creative and constructive chats that will further contribute to the WordCamp experience.


What do I have to do to join the WP Cafe?

Joining the WP Cafe is already included in your WordCamp Thessaloniki 2019 ticket so, you only have to come by the Thessaloniki Concert Hall on October 12th, 2019, keep track of the topics that interest you and get in the mood for exchanging ideas.

So, cheers to WP Cafe! We really liked the idea and hope to create something beautiful and meaningful enough to make it a WordCamp tradition.

Get your ticket NOW!

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